The Ready Player One poster: Legs ahoy

It’s almost the most wonderful time of the year and everyone is wrecked from 2017.

That’s the only way anyone can explain what’s happening with the leg from the Ready Player One poster. The entire marketing department is dreaming of eggnog and mistletoe instead.


The Sinner Season 1 Review: Unbielievable

The Sinner Jessica Biel

The Sinner minor spoilers starts here. Avert your eyes.

So here’s the thing, I was not going to watch The Sinner at all. I had seen the posters go up everywhere with Jessica Biel under a blue filter and it did not pique my interest. Sorry USA network, you’re going to have to do better than blue filters.

But then not one but two friends shook me and said you have to watch The Sinner. So I did and you may have to check me for some vital signs because I felt nothing. Continue reading

Who’s excited for Big Little Lies 2?

Celeste - beige cardigan

HBO has confirmed that Big Little Lies will be returning for another season, with most of the original cast coming back onboard. I really, really liked Big Little Lies… and I’m not sure there’s a need for another season. Of course HBO is eyeing it as a potential cashcow, but there’s a risk that more of the same is going to turn it into Desperate Housewives for the premium crowd. Surely there can’t be another mysterious death in Monterey, that would be ridiculous.

So I’m a skeptic. Are you on all onboard for Season 2?

Alita: Battle Angel Trailer: My, what big eyes you have

It is almost impossible to get the eyes right in CGI humans, we’re years down the line and it’s one thing animators still struggle with. The actors just end up with ‘dead-eyes’ because of the lack of reflective light. The entirely wrong way to combat this is to expand the eyes until they are half the size of your character’s face. So now there’s plenty of light, but the audience is creeped out. No-one wins!

Demi Lovato gets married in Tell me you love me. Relationships are hard.

Possibly because I’m too old for it, I feel like Demi Lovato has always sat to the side of my pop culture radar. What I know of her is very basic, she just broke it off with Wilmer Valderamma (what is with that guy? Why does everyone date him?), she has drug and alcohol issues, she gets into random feuds with everyone, and she seems sort-of exhausting to follow. Maybe it’s a side effect of being twenty five.

Now I know from the ‘Tell me you love me’ music clip that Demi also has pipes. I have only ever heard ‘Cool for the Summer’ so this was a pleasant surprise. However remember how I mentioned ‘exhausting to follow’? This clip is six minutes forty seven seconds of Demi arguing with Jesse Williams. Two pretty people having marital problems for what feels like seven hours. If I wanted to watch couples fight about dumb things, I would stand outside Ikea instead.

The song officially starts at 2:47 if you want to skip past a prelude of domestic disputes.


Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer: Get everyone a shield

Everyone is here! Well almost everyone is here- I feel like it was missing Paul Rudd and Jeremy Renner. They are absent right? I also noticed a suspicious lack of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. I watched this twice and still had to count on my fingers whether everyone was included.

Guys, I am excited for this. It’s only the culmination of 10+ movies and a decade of waiting. We probably need to talk about the fact that it looks like Vision dies in this movie (can he die?). I don’t think we’ve had enough time to be truly attached to him, so in order of priorities I am okay with that. Some heroes are not going to make it, and he’s definitely one of them. If they kill off Captain America, the entire female population will riot. There will be consequences Marvel.

Meet your new Mulan – Liu YiFei

Mulan Liu YiFei

 After a semi-difficult search, Disney has finally found their live-action Mulan Liu YiFei. I guess we should all be sort of relieved that she’s actually Chinese. Of course there is no way that Disney is going to let her do the tour rounds with an Asian name, so you may just hear her referred to as Crystal Liu in the near future.

Continue reading