On the Weinstein allegations

I have been back and forward on whether I should write anything for a week now. Every time I open up a browser, there’s another woman coming out about his appalling behaviour and I’ve lost count of everyone affected. Plus it’s become a net pull of other names including Matt Damon, Russell Crowe, Ben Affleck, Oliver Stone, Jason Momoa and Jeffrey Katzenberg who have been accused of enabling of this shit. And don’t even get me started on that Mayim Bialik op-ed. It’s falling down like a house of cards.

In a circular way, I don’t want to give him anymore press and I don’t want to make this about him anymore, plus I don’t know that I can add anything that hasn’t already been said: the entire situation is forked. But at the very least, people are starting to speak up about this and stand together in solidarity

So I’ll let super-smart lady Emma Thompson do the talking for me, she truly takes no shit and it’s so great.

If you want to see where the allegations currently stand, Vulture has a comprehensive (and depressing) list to trawl through.



Variety Power of Women October Issue 2017

Is October magazine compilation month? Is that what’s happening? If it is, I am here for it. Competing with Elle’s Women in Hollywood and T Magazine – The Greats, we are literally spoiled for choice.

So let’s get to it shall we?

Michelle Pfeiffer Variety Magazine 2017

Why is Michelle Pfeiffer so beautiful? Why. I was thinking that the other day while watching Grease 2, it’s positively unfair. Continue reading

Sansa Stark’s engagement to Joe Jonas

I said yes.

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The obvious joke here is that as competitive siblings, Sophie Turner couldn’t bear to let Kit Harington take the spotlight for his engagement to Rose Leslie and so now here we are.

Sophie Turner is officially engaged to Joe Jonas and I’m going to put my McJudgment hat on and say she’s too young. Sophie Turner is 21 years old – science says your brain is still growing at that age. Still growing! Oh, I just want to ban everyone under 25 from getting married and creating more work for marriage counselors everywhere. Good thing for all you hasty young people, that I’m not a policy-maker.

On a slightly more positive note, that is a beautiful ring and everyone is dying to know how much it costs.

Dynasty Review: Episode 1 – We honestly didn’t need this show

I wasn’t particularly excited in the first place to hear that there was going to be a Dynasty reboot. Do we really need another soap about good-looking 1%ers plotting against each other? I’m pretty sure that Revenge didn’t end that long ago either.

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Beyonce’s Freedom for International Day of the Girl

All hail Queen Beyonce, who only ever resurfaces when she has something to say.

Beyonce is marking International Day of the Girl with this fan-tastic video of young girls around the world, lip-syncing and dancing to her song Freedom. You would think that conceptually this would be hokey, but these girls are ridiculously fierce.  Maddie Ziegler needs to be worried about her career.

Of course it’s not just about the dancing but for a really good cause Global Goals which aims to help young women all over the world with objectives such as ending child marriage and sex trafficking . If you believe in the cause, help share the video, you’ll be doing a good thing.

Women in Hollywood on Elle Magazine November 2017

There’s been so many garbage men dominating the news for the last week, so thank goodness for the inanely good timing of Elle’s Women in Hollywood issue. Let’s admire some strong, positive role models shall we?

Laura Dern Elle Magazine November 2017

I straight up don’t ever recall anyone ever giving Laura Dern a front cover. Thank you Elle for finally giving Laura Dern what she deserves. She looks fabulous. Continue reading

Trailer thoughts: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Let’s be clear that after a week of truly disturbing celebrity news, and a Blade Runner marathon (I still can’t properly process 2049) I’m feeling a little bit fragile.
So I cannot legitimately tell you if it’s all this trailer, but all the tears are happening for it. I’m having a reaction.

I love this trailer, and correct me if I’m wrong. Does it look like Kylo Ren pushes a button to explode wherever Leia is? Yes, Carrie Fisher is no longer with us and that makes sense for her not to be in the third movie, but I don’t think my heart can take watching her die. I am barely over Han Solo’s send-off in Force Awakens.

Overall, this feels way darker than Force Awakens (with the exception of that Porg-thing) and it looks like its hinting that Kylo Ren has a redemption arc coming, if you killed your father just cause, I don’t really know how you come back from that.