Trailer thoughts: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Let’s be clear that after a week of truly disturbing celebrity news, and a Blade Runner marathon (I still can’t properly process 2049) I’m feeling a little bit fragile.
So I cannot legitimately tell you if it’s all this trailer, but all the tears are happening for it. I’m having a reaction.

I love this trailer, and correct me if I’m wrong. Does it look like Kylo Ren pushes a button to explode wherever Leia is? Yes, Carrie Fisher is no longer with us and that makes sense for her not to be in the third movie, but I don’t think my heart can take watching her die. I am barely over Han Solo’s send-off in Force Awakens.

Overall, this feels way darker than Force Awakens (with the exception of that Porg-thing) and it looks like its hinting that Kylo Ren has a redemption arc coming, if you killed your father just cause, I don’t really know how you come back from that.


Trailer thoughts: Pacific Rim: Uprising

  • So they’ve uncancelled the apocalypse I guess because the first movie made a bonkers amount of money.
  • John Boyega steps into Idris Elba’s shoes as his son. He’s looking pretty good.
  • Scott Eastwood takes sidekick role, which is kind of nice. Normally, it’s the other way around.
  • There is a really interesting pause in JB’s narration: “The only thing standing in front of the apocalypse..” and then it quickcuts to the Chinese army. I suspect that a Chinese company may be bankrolling this movie. Just a thought.
  • This looks like Transformers and Neon Genesis had a baby made out of steroids.
  • Completely lost count of the amount of explosions.
  • We should all be more excited over robots versus monsters. Does everyone have robot fatigue yet?
  • Seriously though, the only monster movie I’m looking forward to Godzilla vs Kong. Kong: Skull Island is ridiculously underrated. You can fight me over this.


Jared Leto and Brett Ratner team up for Hugh Hefner movie

Jared Leto Hugh Hefner

Page Six is reporting that Jared Leto is starring in an untitled biopic about Hugh Hefner (boy bye), which is most likely to be directed by Brett Ratner. Hugh Hefner hasn’t even been dead a week, I assume everyone’s publicists are sleeping off a bender to let this announcement go out now.

So other than that bit of grossness, this may also be the worst idea for a movie I’ve ever heard of. Someone in Hollywood must have just shoved a ton of awful names into a hat on a dare and picked out those three for movie-making magic. Do you think there’s a part for Mel Gibson in there somewhere as well??

Kim Cattrall calls DOA on Sex and the City 3

Sex and the City 3

About a month ago, Netflix recommended that I watch Sex and the City 2. I knew of its bad reputation and had never seen it, namely because I was still really annoyed by the events of the first movie. Big left Carrie at the altar and they made up over a poem and a shoe closet. Seriously Carrie, what were you thinking?

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J.J. Abrams remaking Your Name. Why.

Your Name

Here’s your weekly reminder that not everything needs to be remade! Guys!

It’s being reported that J.J. Abrams is teaming up with Paramount to recreate Your Name for an American audience. Your Name is a 2016 anime about two teenagers who swap bodies a la Freaky Friday, and it’s very, very, Japanese. There’s an entire subplot revolving around Shinto religion, they celebrate village festivals and traditions, they travel around on bullet trains. They’re going to have to excise everything that makes Your Name special and keep the bare bones plot I guess.

To add insult to injury, it’s going to be remade as a live action film. Which I suppose is less labor intensive that animating an entire movie.

Argh. This is not cool. I am not happy about this. If anime is up your alley, please take some time to watch the original Your Name. You’ll see how hard it’ll be to translate to American screens. They’re going to make a hash of it.

Trailer thoughts: Annihilation

It may just be that Aronfonsky’s Mother! arthouse-horror-schtick has ruined arthouse horror for me this year, and so even though I love Alex Garland and I loved Ex Machina, I was psyched for this but not anymore. Thanks Aronfonsky.

My other irk is that you barely see Tessa Thompson, Gina Rodriguez and Jennifer Jason Leigh in the trailer, it’s all about the love story of Natalie and Oscar. I get the constraints of a one minute long trailer but guys, less focus on Poe and Padme and more on the lady scientists doing their thing please.

Indiana Jones, Sarah Connor and Laurie Strode are returning, because you asked so nicely.

If you watched the GQ video of Harrison Ford that I posted the other day, it starts off with Harrison being asked “Do you have the intention of rebooting every successful franchise you’ve ever done?”

And he says “You bet your ass I am. It’s a living.” God, I love him. Never leave me Harrison.

And he probably never will, because the wheels are in motion for him to be in Indiana Jones 5 with Stephen Spielberg directing for a 2020 release date. I honestly don’t want this movie to happen, because frankly I would be heartbroken if he hurt himself doing one of those crazy stunts.  He’s 75, let him sit in a lounge chair for a while, geez. If he’s going to reboot something, make it something where he doesn’t have to move so much like .. Regarding Henry or ..Working Girl? Continue reading