Trailer thoughts: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Let’s be clear that after a week of truly disturbing celebrity news, and a Blade Runner marathon (I still can’t properly process 2049) I’m feeling a little bit fragile.
So I cannot legitimately tell you if it’s all this trailer, but all the tears are happening for it. I’m having a reaction.

I love this trailer, and correct me if I’m wrong. Does it look like Kylo Ren pushes a button to explode wherever Leia is? Yes, Carrie Fisher is no longer with us and that makes sense for her not to be in the third movie, but I don’t think my heart can take watching her die. I am barely over Han Solo’s send-off in Force Awakens.

Overall, this feels way darker than Force Awakens (with the exception of that Porg-thing) and it looks like its hinting that Kylo Ren has a redemption arc coming, if you killed your father just cause, I don’t really know how you come back from that.


Star Wars: The Last Jedi on the cover of Vanity Fair

Every year Vanity Fair gets a boatload of flak for their Hollywood Issue cover. The inevitable question is: where are all the people of colour?

So it’s with great, toe-wiggling satisfaction that I present you with this:

Star Wars Vanity Fair Cover 3

There are people of colour on a Vanity Fair cover. Someone needs to take a temperature, Conde Nast may be feeling unwell. Can we take a moment to talk about how quietly momentous this is? Kelly Marie Tran is the FIRST Asian woman to appear on the front page cover of Vanity Fair.  She’s not even in a kimono or wearing a qipao or doing a dumb karate move. She just looks like a boss. I might actually be crying a little bit.

Speaking of crying, the first cover will also do the trick. Oh Carrie, you’re so missed.

Star Wars Vanity Fair Leia

Trailer thoughts: Star Wars – The Last Jedi

Hey, it’s here! let’s discuss:
Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer


  • There is a lot happening and I’m not making much sense of any of it – the trailer has been put together to encourage speculation and not narrative, am I right trailer editors?
  • I’m underwhelmed (and it’s not its fault that I haven’t moved on) and  part of it is the lack of callback to the older generation of characters  – Han Solo is gone, Carrie isn’t coming back, and there was only a small glimpse of Luke in silhouette from very far away.  I’m glad to see my friends Poe, Rey and Finn alive (sort of) but there’s this gap when the older gen isn’t there.
  • Oscar Issac is a very attractive runner
  • Those are expensive, high-tech dust croppers
  • Let’s all assume Kylo is still alive, judging by the scar on his face. Those rage issues are only going to get bigger
  • “I only know the truth it’s time for the Jedi to end.” My millennial gratification asks that you stop being so cryptic Luke.

Bring on December! Did it whelm you? I leave you with this image of Daisy giving Mark a piggyback ride.

Daisy Ridley Mark Hamill Piggyback rides