This is how Beyonce prepares for the MET gala

Sometimes I feel like because Beyonce is Beyon-SLAY that we’re supposed to just accept everything she wears and we’re not really supposed to say anything if she dons something that hurts our eyes (and also for our own personal safety, because the Beyhive will hunt us down where we live).

Beyonce WACO dress

So I don’t know what to do with this. On one hand she looks beautiful and regal (look at that face!) and on the other, she’s undeniably wearing craft pot pourri on her head. At the very least she’ll be ready for the MET gala tomorrow. She’ll somehow need to top this, I’m very much looking forward to it.

Beyonce’s Die with you and the state of her marriage

I am a sucker for the sentimental, but I am not a sucker for this. Don’t kill me Beyhive.

Beyonce JayZ Marriage

Our beloved Queen Bey has dropped a music video to celebrate her 9th wedding anniversary with Jay-Z – well technically it’s from 2015 and she’s rereleased it with new footage.

So you can see them dating, treating each other delightfully, on holidays, their wedding, the birth of Blue Ivy and some very sweet home videos, all set to Beyonce’s beautiful voice and filtered to some Wonder Years graininess.

This would ordinarily be a great formula to absolutely destroy the coldest of hearts (see Kim K’s family video) except, except I and the rest of the world spent a good chunk of last year listening to Lemonade and without having to even look it up, I know that Lemonade is 76 minutes long.  That’s 76 minutes of B bleeding out from her husband’s infidelities X countless listens. I don’t think I can overstate how powerful Lemonade is as an album. The 3:36m of this video can’t even possibly to begin to repair the idea that their marriage is strong and that they are ride or die soulmates.

The Queen is a master of her image, but she hasn’t sold me on this one. It looks like she’s resetting the stage for a picture-perfect family for the arrival of the twins. You can’t reset the stage when you’ve completely burned down the theater..