Beyonce’s Freedom for International Day of the Girl

All hail Queen Beyonce, who only ever resurfaces when she has something to say.

Beyonce is marking International Day of the Girl with this fan-tastic video of young girls around the world, lip-syncing and dancing to her song Freedom. You would think that conceptually this would be hokey, but these girls are ridiculously fierce.  Maddie Ziegler needs to be worried about her career.

Of course it’s not just about the dancing but for a really good cause Global Goals¬†which aims to help young women all over the world with objectives such as ending child marriage and sex trafficking . If you believe in the cause, help share the video, you’ll be doing a good thing.


Michelle Obama loves Bruno Mars

It’s been an absolutely brutal week for everyone, so do you need a small spirit lift? How about Michelle Obama being adorable with Bruno Mars?

Let me count the things I adore about this photo.

1) Michelle Obama. I’m so taken with how happy she looks. When was the last time you saw her smile like that? Although I am fairly sure that I smiled like that when I was at his concert. He just has the most amazing energy when he performs.

2) She’s carrying a personalised sweatshirt. Aww, he made it just for her.

3) Bruno Mars is the king of the poses. But we all knew this already.

4) Bruno Mars’ dimple has broken so many hearts and will probably continue to do so in the near future.

Lastly, I love that the First Lady loves Bruno Mars, which song do you think is her favourite? I could really see her belting out Grenade or Uptown Funk. No-one can resist Uptown Funk.


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Justin Timberlake returns to the Super Bowl?

Justin Timberlake Super bowl

There’s some talk that Justin Timberlake is finalising his spot as the halftime performer in this year’s Superbowl. I can see why. Justin is a great performer and his music has been fairly consistent up to that terrible Trolls song. 

However, ye of such short memories, please cast your mind all the way back to 2004, when Justin and Janet were on stage for that Super Bowl. Do you remember that? It was thirteen years back, which was a lifetime and a Cameron Diaz ago. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me refresh you: Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake were performing at the Super Bowl, and at the end of the show, Justin ripped off Janet’s top, so that her breast fell out on national TV. Janet copped all of the blame for that one, including making an apology video, and Justin just shrugged it off.  It was a douche move. 

So is thirteen years a big enough gap between scandals? The NFL seems to think so. Keep your paws to yourself this time Timberlake. I would suggest that you stay away from “Rock your body” altogether.

Sweet baby angel Carly Rae Jepsen and Cut to the Feeling

Today is a day full of my favourite things, firstly a Harrison Ford magazine cover (with bonus video) and now, the release of Carly Rae Jepsen’s Cut to the Feeling music clip. All I need now is the new BoJack episodes and my life will be complete.

Guys, I keep harping on about it but you have to go and listen to the entirety of Emotion, her 2015 album which is so, so,so good. I have no idea why she’s so criminally underrated, but please fix the lack of Carly Rae in your life with her music on perma repeat.

Quietly loving Harry Styles’ Two Ghosts

Who knew that somewhere in this super long and exhausting 2017, that I would become a Harry Styles fan? Right before our eyes, he’s gone from a 1Der with very little musical cred, to this shimmering, amorphous songwriter.

There’s very little production, it’s Harry, his band and some really heartfelt lyrics. But it’s enough. Sometimes you have to forgo the bells and whistles to remind people of what you can actually do, and it’s just really refreshing.

Lorde’s interpretive dance at the 2017 VMAs

I don’t know what I just watched. Is this a rebuke to all the popstars who lip-sync while they dance? Is it secretly a tribute to Kate Bush/ Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion? I guess at the very least, Lorde looks like she’s having a blast (despite having the flu?)

At 1:44, they cut to a reaction shot from an audience member. The Mother of Dragons behind her doesn’t look too impressed either.

VMAs 2017 reaction shot

There is something about Lorde who is so herself, that she gets away with interpretive dance at the VMAs. I wonder if any other starlet tried this, would the reaction be this muted?