Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer: Get everyone a shield

Everyone is here! Well almost everyone is here- I feel like it was missing Paul Rudd and Jeremy Renner. They are absent right? I also noticed a suspicious lack of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel. I watched this twice and still had to count on my fingers whether everyone was included.

Guys, I am excited for this. It’s only the culmination of 10+ movies and a decade of waiting. We probably need to talk about the fact that it looks like Vision dies in this movie (can he die?). I don’t think we’ve had enough time to be truly attached to him, so in order of priorities I am okay with that. Some heroes are not going to make it, and he’s definitely one of them. If they kill off Captain America, the entire female population will riot. There will be consequences Marvel.


Domino’s hair and the impracticality of superhero hairstyles

I’ve loved Zazie Beetz since I saw her as the exasperated Van in Atlanta. And you know I’m really glad that she’s going to be Domino in the new Deadpool 2. She looks great! Doesn’t she look great guys? She’s using Deadpool as a rug. It’s funny.

Domino Deadpool Hairstyle

There’s just one small thing, that hair. That hair is going to get her killed, some mug is going to grab it in a fight and then Domino will be dead. End of movie. Deadpool mourns her. Time for another sequel.

But you argue, what about all of the other superheroes who also have wildly impractical hairstyles? I’m not excusing them either. I also think that Wonder Woman, Super Girl, She Ra, Thor and Black Widow all need to invest in some hair ties and I’ve been thinking that for some time. I’ve been a big advocate for tying your hair back since Drew Barrymore had a chunk ripped out by the Thin Man in Charlie’s Angels. I get it, the studios prefer female superheroes with long hair because it’s pretty, it says feminine when your girl is punching someone out and it looks nice when the wind whips it after saving the world. But damn, it’s impractical.

Halle Berry Catwoman

Do you know whose hair gets a pass from me? Catwoman. Specifically Halle Berry’s Catwoman. Let’s ignore the costume (because wtf, someone will stab her in the stomach and then it’s lights out for her internal organs), but that hair will not be her downfall, dammit.

Spider-Man: Homecoming review: The happiest Spider-Man

Spiderman homecoming review

We’re all familiar with the story of Peter Parker being bit by a radioactive spider, so the smartest thing this movie did was to cut all that shit out. I love that it’s not a retread of the other movies, there’s no Mary-Jane, no Gwen Stacey, no Harry Osborne, not even a Daily Bugle to hit someone on the face as they run by. At no point, does Peter pick up a camera and I can’t tell you what a relief that is. It’s a story about Spider-Man working out who he is, without the weight of history and foreshadowing. It bloody works, and it makes the film so much lighter. This Peter Parker comes with less angst than any previous incarnations, and it’s true to life – he’s a teenage boy with an amazing tech suit-thing plus access to Tony Stark, what’s to complain about?

Tom Holland also brings an enthusiasm that wasn’t there before. He’s a Spider-Man that loves life, loves his friends and likes helping people. It’s refreshing to see a superhero that wants to be there and enjoys what he does, as opposed to the superhero who is there because of grim circumstance and responsibility (hey DCEU, I’m looking at you.)

Michael Keaton also works as Adrian Toomes/The Vulture. In comparison to other Marvel villains, it’s easier to understand his motivations and he’s a compelling presence on screen. He’s not a monster chasing magic rocks to rule the universe, he’s a guy with a winged suit trying to scratch some money together. Evil can be banal too. I read one review that said, “In short, the Vulture is the first supervillain who seems like he voted for Trump.” That characterisation is bang on because you recognise Toomes’ grievances as the ones that have changed the US so dramatically in the last year.

Also I have to shout-out the diversity of the cast. There’s interracial marriages! There are Indians! African-Americans! Asians! Everyone’s there and acting like teenagers, it makes my heart warm. Hopefully this isn’t an anomaly and it continues with Spider-Man: Graduation.

There’s a cameo with Donald Glover as Aaron Davis, which pings the suspicion that Marvel may be trying to create a bigger universe around Spider-Man. The Avengers will have to wind up eventually so who better to take its place when it goes? The bigwigs at Marvel know they have a good thing with Tom Holland and Robert Downey Jr has already said that he’s going to stop doing Iron Man when it gets embarrassing (soon Downey, soon). It’ll be interesting to see where we are with this in 2023.

Spider-Man: Homecoming is one of the better Marvel movies. I know that’s a big call to make. This movie single-handedly shook off years of Spider-Man fatigue. Sorry Tobey. Sorry Andrew.

Trailer thoughts – Marvel’s The Defenders

Today is the day for trailers, let’s go:

  • They spend a lot of time making fun of Iron Fist having an .. Iron Fist.
  • Dear God, please make this a shorter series than the others. 
  • So am I correct in saying that Jessica Jones slept with Luke Cage who’s now sleeping with Night Nurse who slept with Matt Murdock? Ah and Luke Cage also had a thing with Misty at one time I believe? Those team meetings are going to be awkward.
  • That action looks great. Hopefully that choreography won’t be as rushed as the choreo in Iron Fist.
  • Hilarious, they’re not saving the world. Just New York City.

I reserve my judgement until the time comes. Taking all thoughts on this one.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2. review

Here there be spoilers, so if you haven’t seen it go away now.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2

It was never going to be easy for James Gunn to top the first film, a smallish space opera which blew everyone away and singe-handedly launched Chris Pratt’s career into the stratosphere.

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Trailer Thoughts: Thor Ragnarok

Oh man, I was originally not going to partake in this at the theatre. But this really looks like fun (that cover is hideous though, what’s happening EW?)

Thor Ragnarok Trailer

Do you know what it is? It’s because the director has gone for a Guardians of the Galaxy cool 70’s vibe. Not many eras are cooler than the 70s.


  • Wait, that’s Cate Blanchett? Those skin tight costumes, that make-up – those are some #gothgoals
  • Thor’s haircut. Be still my short-hair loving heart
  • I heart Tessa Thompson, I’m really hoping for big things for her
  • Actually forget Cate, Jeff is my new fashion icon. Seriously, that combination of gold jacket, red and blue long t-shirt and rimmed eyeliner is killer.
  • I’m even excited to see Tom/Loki – how did that happen? His reputation really took a hell of a beating last year.
  • An excellent song really helps to sell a trailer. Please give your trailer editor person a raise.

Please don’t disappoint me movie, I’m going to throw money at you.

What do you think? Are you sold?