Trailer thoughts: Mother!

About two weeks ago, I briefly talked about the teaser for Mother! the new movie directed by Darren Aronfonsky and starring our girl Jennifer Lawrence.

So now the entire trailer is out… and it still doesn’t make that much sense. Historically, Darren loves a movie where the protagonist loses their mind (Requiem for a dream, Black swan, does Noah count?) and it looks like Jen loses it from too much house renovation. I am onboard with this, because I am permanently tuned into the Life channel and am fairly sure that watching Tiny house, big living plus Househunters may make you dented in the head after a while.

Also possibly I’m desensitised, but I do not find lightbulbs filled with blood scary. I was raised on Stephen King, people. Unless it’s a lightbulb from the mouth of a deranged spider-clown, I’m mostly okay.

What I do find scary in this clip is that huge, hulking twenty year age gap between Javier and Jen. I mean it guess makes more sense that she’s married to Javier who can more likely afford a big, beautiful house in his forties and it’s not Jen and Chris Pratt trying to sack up for mortgage payments. But still. Uncomfortable.

Also can we have a Michelle Pfeiffer-naissance please? Right about now. It’s time for her to come back. She is greatly missed, someone give her more stuff to do. It did occur to me while I was watching this clip, that if it turns out that Michelle is somehow Jen’s mother (or mother!) I will very likely swear off Aronfonsky films forever. Don’t do this to me Darren.

Trailer thoughts: Murder on the Orient Express

Wow okay. Let’s start with the good:

Firstly, the cast – just look at them: Kenneth Branagh! Judi Dench! Michelle Pfeiffer! Derek Jacobi! Willem Dafoe! Leslie Odom Jr! Daisy Ridley! Penelope Cruz! That is a pinnacle cast.

The costuming and set design looks stellar. I desperately want to be on that train in that dining cart, wearing a beautiful pea coat. Well done costuming and sets.

I trust Kenneth Branagh’s sensibilities, I really think this is going to be a fun movie.

However if we focus on the bad for a minute: