Lorde on the cover of Vogue Australia

Lorde Vogue Australia

Holy moly, Lorde looks stunning. I didn’t even notice what she was wearing (the electrical cord from my iron tied around a rain poncho) because I was distracted by her face and that expression. That’s what Tyra would call a smize. I love it. Seriously, in addition to all of her other amazing qualities, Lorde could try her hand at America’s Next Top Model.


Whatcha wearing? Bella Hadid on the cover of Vogue Arabia


I hate to be that person that compares one sister to another (it never ends well) but it has to be said that Gigi is much a better model than Bella, the Gigi Vogue Arabia cover is iconic, you can’t topple that mountain. I have said ┬ábefore that I don’t really understand the hype around Bella, but you know Karl Lagerfield has given his blessing and that apparently means something in the modelling world. It’s an embossed stamp of approval. Continue reading

Whatcha wearing? Jennifer Lawrence on Vogue magazine

Jennifer Lawrence John Currin Vogue

They say that print magazines are dying so everyone has been slowly upping the ante on their covers. Seriously, look at that. Jen looks like she rolled right out of a Rembrandt painting. Vogue commissioned the cover from painter John Currin, who is known for his satirical pieces (I think he might have pieces exhibited at MOMA if you’re anywhere near there).

My only tiny quibble is that there’s not much of Jen’s personality in there. Jen is a loud noise person, you rarely see her in this kind of repose. But I will assume that Vogue didn’t want Jen going full-Jen on their cover and asked John to tone it down.

If this isn’t up your alley, it’s a series of four so you can pick and choose the Jen most suited to your needs. You’ll be seeing a lot of JL in the upcoming months as she ramps up for the Mother! PR blitz.

Whatcha wearing? Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik on Vogue magazine

Gigi Zayn Vogue.png

I’m of two minds about this. They’re gorgeous! The clothes are insane! They’re gorgeous! Those clothes are clown clothes! Maybe they’re sorting of pulling it off?That’s what happens when you are genetically blessed, people are less likely to notice that you and your boyfriend are wearing clashing prints.

I don’t know if it’s going to work out for these crazy kids, but at least they’ll have an excellent magazine cover to commemorate their relationship 20 years down the track.

We should also talk about how Vogue stepped in it by calling the clothes swap “gender fluidity”. Guys, wearing oversized floral trousers is not gender fluidity. It’s like they pulled out random buzzwords from a Dan Savage podcast because they couldn’t think of the trendy thing to say. It’s dumb, really dumb but are people going to stop reading Vogue because of it? I don’t know if the outrage is sustainable.

Whatcha wearing? Katy Perry on the cover of Vogue

This is my 2nd Katy post in a week so let’s assume she’s on a PR tear over the next few months.

Katy Perry Vogue Magazine 2017

Objectively speaking, she looks great. The blonde hair pops, the dress is relatable┬áplus correct me if I’m wrong, but is this the first time there’s been a nose ring on an American Vogue cover? Viva la piercings.

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Whatcha wearing? Karlie Kloss on Vogue Australia

This cover actually made me stop, do a U-turn and buy it. It’s amazing and awful at the same time.

Karlie Kloss Vogue Australia

So many questions. What have Vogue Australia done to Karlie Kloss? They have given her vintage Kylie Minogue hair and photoshopped Delta Goodrem’s face on top. Way to go to promote Australian culture.
Plus what is she wearing? Do the creative team at Vogue Australia secretly hate Karlie Kloss?

I had a quick chat about it with some friends and they actually like this hair. They vote to pair it with a tuxedo and some sideboob. Yay or nay?

NB: The actual shoot is done at Bondi Beach, so I guess the editors were feeling extra patriotic this month.