The Sinner Season 1 Review: Unbielievable

The Sinner Jessica Biel

The Sinner minor spoilers starts here. Avert your eyes.

So here’s the thing, I was not going to watch The Sinner at all. I had seen the posters go up everywhere with Jessica Biel under a blue filter and it did not pique my interest. Sorry USA network, you’re going to have to do better than blue filters.

But then not one but two friends shook me and said you have to watch The Sinner. So I did and you may have to check me for some vital signs because I felt nothing. Continue reading


Who’s excited for Big Little Lies 2?

Celeste - beige cardigan

HBO has confirmed that Big Little Lies will be returning for another season, with most of the original cast coming back onboard. I really, really liked Big Little Lies… and I’m not sure there’s a need for another season. Of course HBO is eyeing it as a potential cashcow, but there’s a risk that more of the same is going to turn it into Desperate Housewives for the premium crowd. Surely there can’t be another mysterious death in Monterey, that would be ridiculous.

So I’m a skeptic. Are you on all onboard for Season 2?

Will Lord of the Rings as a TV series work?

Lord of the Rings TV series

Word is out that Amazon has picked up Lord of the Rings as a multiple-season TV series. As someone whose eyes were glazing over by the 3rd film and actively asleep by the time the first Hobbit rolled around (I didn’t even bother with the final two), I feel a little bit skeptical. Of course, it has a mountainous fan-base already, but it feels like Amazon is trying to pick up the audience Game of Thrones is leaving behind. And if that’s their game plan, it’s a flawed one.

The beauty of Game of Thrones is that you don’t know what’s going to happen, anything can turn on a dime – and that’s how it brings people back to watch week after week when binge culture is the norm. We know absolutely everything that’s going to happen in Lord of the Rings, there are no surprises – Smeagol is going to turn into Gollum, Sam and Frodo are going to fetch the ring and have a hard time doing it, there are elves, there are eagles that save the day and the list goes on. Before it’s even begun, it’s lost its watercooler factor because what is there to talk about?

At the very least, I’m positive it will look beautiful and keep costume designers in employment for a while. Amazon has yet to really land a hit TV series so far, I think they think this is it. I’m not so sure.

An ode to Bob Newby, Superhero

Spoilers for Stranger Things 2 coming right up.

Bob Newby Superhero

I loved Stranger Things 2, everything except that badly-done episode seven (but we’re going to pretend that never happened). I loved that Steve’s hair got better and better, that Winona dialled back on the hysterics (thank God), the relationship between Mike and Eleven, everything about Dustin but most of all, I was surprised by how much I loved Bob Newby played by Sean Astin. Continue reading

Dynasty Review: Episode 1 – We honestly didn’t need this show

I wasn’t particularly excited in the first place to hear that there was going to be a Dynasty reboot. Do we really need another soap about good-looking 1%ers plotting against each other? I’m pretty sure that Revenge didn’t end that long ago either.

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Kim Cattrall calls DOA on Sex and the City 3

Sex and the City 3

About a month ago, Netflix recommended that I watch Sex and the City 2. I knew of its bad reputation and had never seen it, namely because I was still really annoyed by the events of the first movie. Big left Carrie at the altar and they made up over a poem and a shoe closet. Seriously Carrie, what were you thinking?

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