Master of None Season 2 – Do you love Italy more than New York?

I loved Master of None Season 1, I very happily watched it twice in a row without complaint, there was something about it that spoke to a) the experience of being a child of an immigrant b) a millennial who has no idea what they’re doing in relationships and life and c) a love letter to New York and lovers of New York

Aziz Master of None S2

So let’s be frank, that the expectation for Masters of None Season 2 was exceptionally high and even I was doubtful that it could clear it. It was still very, very good. So let’s get to some of those thoughts:

The best episodes of the seasons didn’t revolve around Aziz.
Aziz himself has said that he’s not sure if he’s going to do Season 3, he doesn’t feel he has enough material and frankly, he doesn’t want to talk about being a millennial anymore. I guess it’s fitting that the best episodes were not Aziz-focussed so that if there was a S3, someone else could take that baton. New York, I love you and Thanksgiving revolved respectively around a day-in-the-life around a group of New Yorkers and Aziz/Dev’s friend Denise, they just felt authentic, there’s no other way to put it.  Continue reading

Trailer thoughts: Okja

I am a Snowpiercer evangelist, I will sing the praises of that movie to whoever listens, so I am insanely excited for Bong Joon Ho’s new movie. What a killer cast.

That being said, Okja (the animal, not the movie) is probably going to go out in a bad way and none of it is going to go well because where are you going to hide a 400kg animal if a corporation really wants it? I wouldn’t get too attached to Okja in the meantime.

I couldn’t make it through 13 reasons why

I love good YA and John Green is my jam.

13 Reasons Why Netflix

However I made it through exactly one episode of 13 reasons why.  13 reasons why is a new Netflix show based on a YA novel by Jay Asher, and it’s about a girl who kills herself and sends her friends and acquaintances a stack of tapes detailing the reasons why and what kind of role they played in driving her to kill herself.

I know how that sounds. It sounds like 13 hours of solid laughs and giggles. Continue reading