Kendall Jenner and the problem with tipping

Sometimes Kendall Jenner must just wake up in the morning, and despite being gorgeous, wealthy and famous, just hate being Kendall Jenner.

Because frankly, it must seem like people are gunning for her all the time. I mean, you think you try to do everything right and then a bar publicly shames you for not tipping.

Kendall Jenner receipt

Apparently Kenny went to Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, paid for $24 worth of drinks and didn’t tip. So the bar decided to post the receipt on Instagram. For the official record, this is a dick move by the bar to capitalise on large-scale Jenndashian hate. Eh guys, I hope this was worth the 50 extra followers or whatever.

Secondly, no-one actually knows whether Kenny actually left a cash tip, if it was an oversight (y’know alcohol?) or whether she decided the server was sh!t and didn’t deserve one. Continue reading


Coachella 2017 clothes watch

Prior warning: If you’re allergic to short shorts, you need to turn away now.

Anyway let’s check in with what everyone is wearing

Firstly, Kenny!

Kendall Jenner Coachella 2017

Our fave Kardashian-Jenner was at Coachella, and media outlets are being told to ix-it-nay on the Pepsi questions otherwise they’ll be persona non grata forever. You would think Kenny would put down the mikes anyway for a weekend if she knew what was good for her..

Also what’s good for her is that Kenny is getting sun smart. A wide brimmed hat, long sleeved shirt, high-waisted pants.. I can only assume that sequinned sleeve is super uncomfortable and itchy in the heat and will be thrown off later when there is actual dancing.


Hailee Steinfeld Coachella 2017

I like this outfit from Hailee. I’m digging the matching boots and lipstick. It’s not very Coachella, but the minimum requisite is short shorts right? And those shorts are short.


Selena Gomez Coachella 2017

Aw, Selena and the Weeknd. Does anyone else think this is going to last forever? No hands? Okay. I worry he has a musician’s temperament and she’s going to go off to marry some venture capitalist. Anyway let’s get a closer look at Selena’s dress. Continue reading

Oh Kendall, what have you done?

I have a soft spot for Kendall out of all the Kardashians. She just seems more reasonable, I don’t know why. Girl, you need to take this shit up with your agent.

Which is why we need to talk about the decision to star in this ad. Dear God, it’s so incredibly dumb.

I spent a bit of time trying to describe to a friend objectively what happens in the clip (no adjectives) and there was no way that it didn’t come across as completely tone deaf.

Firstly, wow. Is Kendall ever the wrong brand to advocate for protesting. She is, what you would describe, as the reasonable Jenner, but still in her entire career, I have never heard her advocate for anything even remotely political. Try baby steps. So there’s your first major misstep.  Continue reading