Taylor Swift and her new BF Jim Alwyn

Call off the FBI search, they’ve found my girl Tay alive!

Taylor Swift Jim Alwyn

She’s been gone for four months from social (there are people out there who are counting) and everyday it’s a new explanation as to where she is:

It has been confirmed by some iffy sources (The Sun, so please take it with some salt) that she has been hiding out in wigs and scarves with her new boyfriend Jim Alwyn in London. Jim is an upcoming actor (she really likes those English boys after Harry Styles set a precedent), and the thing that is most confounding everyone in the American press is that he still lives at home with his parents. I can only say in his defense, that every 26 year old in Australia wants to live at home with their parents because there is no affordable housing here at all. So you do you Jim.

This iffy source also says she’s a bit bummed that it got out. She’s probably also right to be a bit worried about how this will be seen; in a 24 hour news cycle, dating a female pop star more successful than you apparently renders you into a spineless handbag (see: the evolution of Tom Hiddleston’s image) Dating is hard enough without negative portrayals in the media added on top. If he’s well-adjusted, he might not mind so much. If he’s not, he might be saying laters right about now.

Where has Taylor Swift been? 

According to her sources, she’s been in Nashville working on her new album. According to the paps, she in Nashville recovering from breast augmentation.

And according to Perez Hilton, she’s in New York being ferreted around in this box. We have reached peak insanity of speculation. While we all miss Tay, do we all so badly want her back that we fantasise that she’s sneaking around in a box? Come on, she couldn’t even fit in there!

Thinking about plastic surgery and living the skin you’re in

A very long time ago when Perez Hilton was still a thing, I recall coming across a story about my girl Tay and how it was obvious that she’d taken a break to get bolt-ons -his term, not mine. The entire thing, I’m not going to link to it, read like an exercise in body shaming and made me feel slightly queasy (just like reading any of Perez’s articles really)


To put my finger on why it bothered me so, and that I’m still thinking about umpteen years later Continue reading