In defense of Lena Dunham in the Lamby dog shelter debacle

If there’s one celebrity in the world that I want to give a condolence shoulder pat, it’s Lena Dunham. She just can’t say anything or do anything right by the internet at large. I am not the biggest Girls fan in the world, but I recognise a constant internet pile-on when I see one.

Lena Dunham Lamby

So a few years ago, Lena adopted a dog called Lamby from a shelter (documented in this essay here) and Lamby has from the start had behavioural problems. Mainly he bites and he’s aggressive.

Cut to 2017 and Lena has taken Lamby back to the shelter because she can’t deal with his behavioural issues, and it’s turned into a brouhaha. It’s an actual thing.

The shelter (!) has come out to say that Lena is a liar (they dispute that he was abused), that Lamby wasn’t crazy to begin with and Lena made him crazy. That is a big call.

Lena has written to defend herself, Jack Antonoff weighed in and so has her dog trainer.

Also apparently Lena also has two new dogs, which adds a sh!tload more fuel to the fire. People who are anti-Lena are going to use this as an example of her narcissism and consumerist nature. Look at that big-mouthed, entitled, white lady who treats dogs like handbags! It’s a perfect social media storm of a cute dog and a celebrity that people love to hate.

Allow me to step in here and defend Lena for a bit (is anyone else? Just me? Okay.) and give a very large side-eye to the shelter. While I’m sure that the shelter is doing and continues to do wonderful things for rescued pets, why they’ve commented is beyond me. As a no-kill shelter, their objective is to rehome as many pets as possible and to encourage people to house their pets in the best possible environments. Publicly shaming Lena Dunham for taking Lamby back to the shelter is contradictory and at worst, irresponsible to their core message. Lena couldn’t handle Lamby, so she brought him back to find an owner that might possibly be more suitable for him – why would they trash that? Would they rather she have tossed him in a sack into the Brooklyn river or let him go free on 42nd? She did the right thing, she took him back to the shelter. Ugh.

Also in addition to sending the public extremely mixed messages about pet shelters, I am highly doubtful that BARC remember Lamby from the 1000s of other dogs that have taken residence in there for the last four years. Possibly if Lamby was extremely distinctive, say a pink, polka-dotted chihuahua, I would be more convinced, but he just looks like every other dog! Scroll back up and look at him!

To me, it looks the shelter wanted to give Lena a public slap for bad ownership. It has no basis in fact and it makes me shitty.

By the way, Lamby is doing just fine and was adopted by an owner in California. So you know, everyone comes out okay in the end until the next time Lena says something that puts her foot in it, we’ll give it a few months.


Whatcha wearing? Emily Ratajkowski on Harper’s Bazaar Australia

Emily Ratajkowski Harpers Bazaar

When Emily Ratajkowski first came out in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, I was like “Who is this girl? She seems so brazen and funny!” And then of course, Robin Thicke dropped his career in the trash, nobody plays the song anymore and the only thing that came out of it was Emily Ratajkowski’s career. Sort of.

I haven’t been following her too closely, and I don’t know what her PR is doing, but she comes off as extremely thirsty, like she’s Lea Michele on steroids. Maybe she’s nothing like that in real life, I have no idea. But when she’s mentioned, I don’t think Blurred Lines first or even Gone Girl, I think selfieContinue reading

Trailer thoughts: Murder on the Orient Express

Wow okay. Let’s start with the good:

Firstly, the cast – just look at them: Kenneth Branagh! Judi Dench! Michelle Pfeiffer! Derek Jacobi! Willem Dafoe! Leslie Odom Jr! Daisy Ridley! Penelope Cruz! That is a pinnacle cast.

The costuming and set design looks stellar. I desperately want to be on that train in that dining cart, wearing a beautiful pea coat. Well done costuming and sets.

I trust Kenneth Branagh’s sensibilities, I really think this is going to be a fun movie.

However if we focus on the bad for a minute:



Smoking at the MET gala makes you a jerk

Let’s talk about these celebs smoking IN the MET gala on the night in question. And not just cigarettes.

Smoking at the MET gala

I’m going to do a roll call of people spotted smoking:

  • Frances Cobain
  • Courtney Love
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Bella Hadid (well of course, she did)
  • Dakota Johnson
  • and Rami Malek

    There is not enough sideeye in the world for you all.

The MET is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. There are priceless artifacts and paintings everywhere. Granted I don’t know how they arrange these pieces when a gigantic party is happening with red wine (dear God, please move them away) but you still shouldn’t smoke in the fucking MET. Have a little respect and wear a patch or something, it’s not your Goddamn lounge room. Go outside even.

I hope that Anna Wintour would rescind invitations to these people next year for being so openly disrespectful (we haven’t yet gotten to my outrage seeing them sitting on the bathroom floor in super-expensive gowns) but I don’t think she will. As I said, it’s turning into Coachella in bad formalwear.

Thinking about plastic surgery and living the skin you’re in

A very long time ago when Perez Hilton was still a thing, I recall coming across a story about my girl Tay and how it was obvious that she’d taken a break to get bolt-ons -his term, not mine. The entire thing, I’m not going to link to it, read like an exercise in body shaming and made me feel slightly queasy (just like reading any of Perez’s articles really)


To put my finger on why it bothered me so, and that I’m still thinking about umpteen years later Continue reading