Quietly loving Harry Styles’ Two Ghosts

Who knew that somewhere in this super long and exhausting 2017, that I would become a Harry Styles fan? Right before our eyes, he’s gone from a 1Der with very little musical cred, to this shimmering, amorphous songwriter.

There’s very little production, it’s Harry, his band and some really heartfelt lyrics. But it’s enough. Sometimes you have to forgo the bells and whistles to remind people of what you can actually do, and it’s just really refreshing.


Harry Styles acts like your perfect ex-boyfriend

Our boy Harry, has this week shown himself to have a much more well-placed head than people ordinarily give boy band members credit for, when he gave an interview to Cameron Crowe (!) for Rolling Stone.

Harry Styles Rolling Stone

Smart move 1: Don’t kick your base away

Harry Styles teen girls

Harry is 100% smarter than 5SOS who disdained the love of their fans – Harry knows where his bread is buttered and those teenage girls are eventually going to be young adults who carry his career forward into the 2020s (unless he crashes and burns, please don’t crash and burn.) Don’t use the word sick again, please. Continue reading

Harry Styles just released Sign of the times. Your move, 1D

Dear lord, I do not know what to do with this song. 

Excuse the language, but it fucking blew my socks off. Somewhere in Nashville, my girl Tay’s eye twitched at Harry positioning himself as the new motherforking general of Britpop.

It’s shades of Bowie, it’s shades of Queen, I think I can hear some Keane in there. There’s a background riff that pounds all of my nostalgia buttons. There’s six minutes of a choir slowly simmering and then crescendoing into a wall of sound. Plus for all that, his voice is. wow.

Welcome to the sign of the times. If the rest of the album is as strong as this, bow down all – Harry scorched the earth for his fellow bandmates – how can they compete?