A plague of Dior boxers on your houses

Christian Dior Underwear

Who doesn’t love some classic Dior? The house of iconic Oscar dresses, beautiful haute couture and lately, garbage bags posing as clothing. Which is to say, I think Dior is worried that it’s becoming obsolete, and so it’s going out of its way to market to millennials. Some brilliant marketing people must have sat in a room and asked themselves what millennials could afford in a Dior store that went something like this:

“Young people can’t afford our things! What should we sell them?”

“We can’t cut the prices of our dresses or our bags.”

“True true. Millennials can afford underwear right? They need to wear seven pairs a week. Let’s sell them branded Dior boxers.”

“Brilliant. We’ll make every celebrity partnered with our house wear them under sheer dresses.”

And thus, you can’t open a magazine without seeing these ugly things. Let’s run through some Dior crime (as always, Bella Hadid is NSFW)

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Whatcha wearing? Bella Hadid on the cover of Vogue Arabia


I hate to be that person that compares one sister to another (it never ends well) but it has to be said that Gigi is much a better model than Bella, the Gigi Vogue Arabia cover is iconic, you can’t topple that mountain. I have said  before that I don’t really understand the hype around Bella, but you know Karl Lagerfield has given his blessing and that apparently means something in the modelling world. It’s an embossed stamp of approval. Continue reading

Some thoughts on tattoo placement. I sigh.

I don’t know why, but there is a Macaulay Culkin renaissance happening right now. He is suddenly everywhere, maybe he got a new PR person? Yesterday I was scrolling through and there he is with Paris Jackson, getting matching tattoos.

Paris Jackson Macaulay Culkin Spoons

By itself, it’s kind of cute. They’re a pair of spoons. Someone mentioned there’s a possibility it’s related to spoon theory, but as far as I know neither Paris nor Mac have a chronic illness? Compliments aside, I hate, hate, hate the tattoo placement on Paris. It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it but it’s so incoherently placed that I don’t understand it. Is John Lennon more important than Dad? She does know that John Lennon used to beat Cynthia up right? Continue reading

Smoking at the MET gala makes you a jerk

Let’s talk about these celebs smoking IN the MET gala on the night in question. And not just cigarettes.

Smoking at the MET gala

I’m going to do a roll call of people spotted smoking:

  • Frances Cobain
  • Courtney Love
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Bella Hadid (well of course, she did)
  • Dakota Johnson
  • and Rami Malek

    There is not enough sideeye in the world for you all.

The MET is one of the most beautiful museums in the world. There are priceless artifacts and paintings everywhere. Granted I don’t know how they arrange these pieces when a gigantic party is happening with red wine (dear God, please move them away) but you still shouldn’t smoke in the fucking MET. Have a little respect and wear a patch or something, it’s not your Goddamn lounge room. Go outside even.

I hope that Anna Wintour would rescind invitations to these people next year for being so openly disrespectful (we haven’t yet gotten to my outrage seeing them sitting on the bathroom floor in super-expensive gowns) but I don’t think she will. As I said, it’s turning into Coachella in bad formalwear.

MET gala 2017: Coachella with bad gowns

I’m very cranky with MET gala 2017. I realise that the Kardashification of our culture means now more than ever, we will see people who are famous for not-doing-much and I AM making my peace with it.

Bella Hadid Met Gala 2017
That is more than I ever need to see of freaking Bella Hadid.

However given that apparently Anna Wintour cut people from MET gala 2017 to make it more exclusive (I’m sorry Coca, you are worth so much more), I expected the invite list to be so much better.

Of course, the expectation was that Beyoncé, Rihanna, SJP, and Madonna would all make an appearance as with previous years (this year: no, yes, no, yes.). But this year there was a lot of people-who-don’t-do-much – Hailey Baldwin, Sophia Richie, Rita Ora, Jaden Smith (holding his cut dreadlocks no less), Paris Jackson, and then an entire section of people who have no real association with fashion – Joe Jonas, Yolanda Hadid (wtf), Diplo, James Corden, Wiz Khalifa (!) the list goes on and on.

Everyone was terribly dressed (see above image) and no-one followed the theme at all except maybe Rihanna and Zendaya. So basically it was Coachella with bad gowns.

Kylie Jenner Instagram Bathroom Selfie MET gala

Why not invite people with interesting taste that love fashion, who might be able to interpret the themes. How about Cate Blanchett? How about Victoria Beckham? Nicole Kidman is almost always wearing something thought-provoking, she would have nailed the brief. In other words for the love of God, INVITE FASHION PEOPLE. Geez. I lay my crankiness squarely at your feet Katy Perry and Anna Wintour.

I don’t understand why I should love Bella Hadid

Walking past random signage today:


Wait, is that Bella Hadid? I’m sorry Hadidites, but I don’t get the hype. What am I missing? She’s pretty, but she doesn’t light my world on fire. Especially as model of the year for 2016 or whatever.
I don’t want to pull out the dreaded N word (nepotism folks, not the other one) but feel free, come at me. What is it I’m not seeing?

By the way, 1500 hours in heels is not an achievement, I mean it is technically, but I know plenty of women who have done 1500 hours and more, so come on Tag, be a bit more smart about your Comms, because what you’re actually telling us is that Bella has never actually struggled for much.