My hero Raury and the Dolce & Gabbana protest

Raury Protest Dolce and Gabbana

In news that shocks nobody, Miley and Dolce & Gabbana (well more correctly Gabbana) have been fighting over Instagram in what could be the lamest fight ever. Miley being Miley, passive-aggressively dug at D&G about not supporting their politics and Gabbana responded with “We don’t care about politics! Two fingers!”

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.52.46 pm

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.52.23 pm

This coincides of course, with D&G releasing their “Boycott Dolce & Gabbana” t-shirts, which is an apparent dig at anti-Trump followers and protesters who are sh!tty at the fashionhouse for dressing Melania. It’s a $245USD shirt so I guess D&G thought it would be funny to go with the “Let them eat cake” philosophy.   Continue reading

Thinking about Carrie Fisher

According to People magazine, the autopsy has come back for Carrie Fisher and it’s reported that she had cocaine and heroin in her system when she died. It’s not clear whether this contributed to her death exactly, but the official cause is listed as sleep apnea.

Carrie Fisher

So let’s go with two undisputed facts first.

Firstly, Carrie has been openly fighting addiction and mental illness since her Star Wars days.
The second is that Carrie Fisher didn’t really care what people thought. And that allowed her to be raucous, and honest, and funny.

I think there are a lot of people out there, who are going to be disappointed with this news, precisely because we tend to give celebrities post-death haloes. We wish for our heroines to go out like grande dames, dignified and matriarchal – two coughs and lights out. Carrie Fisher as usual, gave two fingers to that and went out still fighting those demons. It’s very Carrie. She always took a hammer to the image of perfection, and so in a way, it’s oddly fitting. We’re still having the conversation about drug addiction even after she’s gone, perhaps it was what she would have wanted.

Amber Rose gets undressed for Slutwalk

So I’ve been on holiday, completely ignoring any and all Katy Perry things when this shows up in my feed.

Amber Rose Censored

I’ll give you a minute to process that picture. Instagram pretty much removed it straight away for violating terms of service and Twitter didn’t. So there’s that.

First off, let’s be clear that Amber Rose can wear or not wear whatever she wants to promote Slutwalk, because it’s 2017 and third wave feminism is still a thing.

But man, am I conflicted about this. On the one hand, two claps because she’s proud of her body and this pic is going out to promote a good cause and.. good for her? And on the other, the messaging of this is really messy. With this post, she’s made it the Amber Rose show, people are talking about her bush and the oil, they’re not talking about Slutwalk itself. Slutwalk has become incidental to her fighting on Twitter with Piers Morgan about whether it’s feminist to pose nude.

She played the shock value card to start the conversation but did it work? I personally am not clambering onboard to walk from this, but maybe other people are. I’d be curious to see how she looks to promote it next year, you can’t really get much nude-r than the above pic.


George and Amal Clooney are officially parents of two classically named babies

It’s official! Amal and George Clooney are now the proud parents of twins Alexander and Ella. There seems to be much rejoicing across social media that their names are not Nespresso Bean and Buckethead. Of course given the characters of George and Amal, I never really thought that they would go full pizza on these names. It’s a very Clooney move (full disclosure, my mother’s name is Ella. She was an Ella before it was cool to be one.)

George Amal Clooney Twins

If you’re waiting for a set of twins whose names are most likely full pizza (pepperoni, mushrooms, the lot), it’s not too long before Beyonce’s twins come out to play. I’m fairly certain the Carter twins won’t be Rebecca and Peter Carter.

When Jerry met Kesha

Jerry Seinfeld is a noted germophobe. So who was that surprised when he refused to give Kesha a hug?

That was .. awkward. And not to full victim blame here, I do feel terrible for Kesha, but Jerry Seinfeld seems like the least likely candidate on any red carpet to give random hugs to people he doesn’t know. There has to be some expectation of rejection. Also she asked three times, lady give up and go after the first.

Jerry needs to be added to a probable no-hugs list with:

  • Anna Wintour
  • Joaquin Phoenix
  • The Gallagher brothers

The Halle Berry cheese bump

There are some celebrities who are extremely thirsty for attention and don’t care if you know it (Emily Ratajkowski, I’m looking at you) and some celebrities who sit in the part-time thirsty camp, where you don’t see them for years and then all of a sudden they’re in your line of sight because they woke up one day and decided they need  the attention. It’s like plants coming up for sunlight. Halle Berry is one of those.

Halle Berry baby bump

Case in point, Halle Berry’s PR team has confirmed that she is definitely not pregnant, so what exactly are we supposed to make of these. Halle clearly wants us to speculate whether she’s an impending mother at age 50 (Hey Janet!) – why else would she be cupping her belly in all the photos? She had a cheese/lactose belly and wanted to make the most of it. It worked! Well done Halle, it was an innovative way to get yourself back in the headlines. What can you possibly do after this?