What’s the problem with Armie Hammer?


'The Man From U.N.C.L.E.' New York Premiere

Armie Hammer has been on the peripheral of my vision for years since he played the delightful Winklevoss twins alongside Jesse Eisenberg in The Social Network. (By the way, no one talks about that movie anymore, I presume Zuckerberg put his algorithms out to kill all mentions.) He’s been chipping away in blockbusters ever since, but nothing I’ve personally watched.

And now Armie Hammer is finally ascending into Hollywood credibility by starring in Call Me By Your Name, which is getting critical Oscar buzz. Continue reading


The risk of Victoria’s Secret in China

Gigi Hadid Victoria's Secret

It was always going to be contentious hosting the Victoria’s Secret show in China. And now word is out that both Katy Perry, Gigi Hadid and a whole host of other models have been denied visa entry because they’re not deemed ‘suitable role models’. And so this late in the game, the Victoria’s Secret show is missing quite a few people. The costume designers probably have ulcers just thinking about refittings.

I honestly have no idea what the VS team were thinking, but I assume that greed (and potential sales!) completely blinded them to the realities of hosting a lingerie show in a communist country.   Continue reading

Tom Hiddleston and the timing of that puppy

Before he dated our girl Tay, I never considered Tom Hiddleston to be someone who ‘plays the game’. He was endearingly earnest, a little bit goofy and there was definitely a small contingent of fangirls who thought he was the bees knees.

After the relationship though, that earnestness has been tarnished forever and now he seems more like someone who is hyper-aware of how he is perceived and will act for the cameras accordingly. I mean we all do, but it jars heavily with his previous ‘who me?’ attitude.

Tom Hiddleston Puppy

For example, we haven’t seen or heard of him in months, he’s not even on the Thor promotional tour and now he shows up, on the day that Taylor’s Reputation drops, holding a very, cute puppy. That’s interesting timing. The puppy isn’t going to stop Swifties from all around the world from dragging his name through the mud for the next few months, but it helps right? How can you attack earnest Hiddles and his adorable canine friend?

Drake is collecting Birkins for his future wife-to-be

Drake Birkin

Oh, this made me laugh when I read it. Apparently Drake (ever the romantic) has been collecting super-expensive Birkin bags for the woman he eventually marries. It’s so over the top and so Drake that I can only shake my head. It’s making a lot of assumptions about the woman he eventually ends up with. What if she doesn’t like structured handbags, what if she prefers a slouchy boho? I can only assume that if he ends up with Rihanna, she won’t be that keen on future hubby choosing her collection for her.

What do you think? Does it skeeve you out? I’m not a Birkin fan myself.

Charlie Heaton: 80s throwback

Charlie Heaton

I haven’t started on Stranger Things 2. If Netflix wants to know why, it’s because they’ve dropped Mindhunter and The Good Place on me and I just can’t cope with that many things at once.

So let’s talk about Charlie Heaton, who plays Jonathan Byers on the show.  I don’t doubt that they cast him because he looks like someone rolled Edward Furlong, Christian Slater and early Johnny Depp into a 3D printer to make a composite human being. Do I think he’s a great actor? No.. but he certainly looks the part. Also I am truly Team Steve all the way. Team Steve.

In real life, he’s also acts like he’s from the 80s which is just too perfect Continue reading

Gwyneth wins Halloween

Most years, either Neil Patrick Harris (and his adorable children) or Heidi Klum take out the crown for best Halloween costume, but this year it goes to Gwyneth for pure simplicity.


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It’s Gwyneth! As herself! Come on, it’s pretty great and surprisingly timely since Kevin Spacey just torpedoed his career with a single PR response.

Can we talk about Tracy in Se7en for a minute? Gwyneth never did get enough credit for turning a bland supporting-wife part into something relatable and three-dimensional. Everything about Se7en was so fantastic, that I think we forget that the parts make the whole. Of course, Brad/Mills was tragic but that tragedy couldn’t have happened without an innocent, likeable Tracy. We cared that her head was in the box.

Anyway, in case you ever doubted it, Gwyneth has a sense of humour. I wonder how comfortable it was to walk around with her head in that thing all night.

What I learned from 73 Questions with Chrissy Teigen

I don’t know, I feel like 73 Questions is losing its sticking power. I used to love them and would waste hours watching them but now I’m a bit eh. I’m especially eh when I learnt that most of these houses are rentals because the interviewed celebrity doesn’t want people poking into their places. That defeats the whole point of 73 questions, otherwise why not do it in a studio?

  • Chrissy puts her bananas in the fridge. Dude, don’t do that – your bananas are going to go brown!
  • Chrissy is legendarily living in Rihanna’s old house, but is surprisingly mute on going through her mail.
  • If that is her real house and her real coffee table in the front parlour, she is going to need to child-proof the living shiz out of that thing.
  • Chrissy said that she was the most star-struck when she met Beyonce. That’s a head-scratcher. I thought they had been best friends since Houston, she apparently did B’s laundry – why would she be star-struck? That’s odd.
  • Apparently 73 Questions is now sponsored by Google Phones, which isn’t irritating or intrusive at all.
  • Luna is ridiculously cute. But that was obvious already.