Wonder Woman Movie Review

I admit that I wrinkle my nose at more DC movies. The problem is twofold 1) they are rushing to copy the Marvel template by building a universe – Marvel has a nine or ten movie headstart and DC is at three and absolutely trying to shove everything in there – it’s not working  2) I mentioned this in my Wonder post but I’ll say it again, people are exhausted. The world is grim and terrifying at the moment and no-one wants to go to a movie and have this confirmed in fiction for another two hours, the stylised grey palette of the previous DC movies (with sad, put-upon heroes) is also working against them.

So when the reviews started to come out that Wonder Woman was doing amazing things at the box office, I had simultaneously high and low expectations. I wasn’t expecting much and yet I hoped that I would be wrong.

Here it is: it’s a really fun movie, it’s very likeable but it’s not great.

Wonder Woman Poster

The basic story is our girl Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot), partners with Chris Pine (the 3rd best Chris in the world), to try and stop World War 1 by killing the god Ares. You’ll need to bring some suspension of disbelief, you always do with comic movies. Continue reading

Outrage over Kim Kardashian’s blackface is giving me redface

These days celebrity gossip has mostly taken a backseat to all of the atrocious things happening around the world. When was the last time anyone cared when two people broke up? (maybe Brad and Ange, but even they’ve gone strangely silent in the meantime) but the one thing that hasn’t gone completely out of style is the constant Kardashian outrage. I would humbly submit that even that has decreased in volume over the last six months  (with the exception of that Pepsi flub) but there’s something about that family that rubs people the wrong way and makes them forget all rhyme and reason.

Example in point, people are accusing Kim Kardashian of blackface in this Instagram post to promote her new line of make-up. Hoo boy.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Blackface Continue reading

Thinking about Carrie Fisher

According to People magazine, the autopsy has come back for Carrie Fisher and it’s reported that she had cocaine and heroin in her system when she died. It’s not clear whether this contributed to her death exactly, but the official cause is listed as sleep apnea.

Carrie Fisher

So let’s go with two undisputed facts first.

Firstly, Carrie has been openly fighting addiction and mental illness since her Star Wars days.
The second is that Carrie Fisher didn’t really care what people thought. And that allowed her to be raucous, and honest, and funny.

I think there are a lot of people out there, who are going to be disappointed with this news, precisely because we tend to give celebrities post-death haloes. We wish for our heroines to go out like grande dames, dignified and matriarchal – two coughs and lights out. Carrie Fisher as usual, gave two fingers to that and went out still fighting those demons. It’s very Carrie. She always took a hammer to the image of perfection, and so in a way, it’s oddly fitting. We’re still having the conversation about drug addiction even after she’s gone, perhaps it was what she would have wanted.

Trailer thoughts: Flatliners remake -Something is happening to us!

Did you hear REMAKE? DRINK!

Dear God, that looks.. terrible. I hate to blame again whoever cut that trailer again, but the first half is some CW Dawson’s Creek/Grey’s Anatomy hybrid and the second half is a demonic possession ghost thing.

So there are questions:

  • What has Ellen Page done to her career? Why.
  • Who did Diego Luna piss off in the hair department to end up with that wig?
  • Who the hell demanded a Flatliners remake??

It really made me want to crawl under a blanket and watch the original – Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, Julia Roberts and a .. Baldwin. I’m so sad for this movie, which is going to end up as disposable summer filler, watched and forgotten. As the classic tagline goes: Some lines just shouldn’t be crossed (this is one of them).

Welcome back Shania Twain?

About two weeks ago, I was at karaoke with a group of friends when one friend (unnamed) chose “Man, I feel like a woman” – that old chestnut. And despite her best efforts to have me sing as well, I could only sink further into my (extremely dirty) seat because the cringe was too much. At the chorus, I maybe mumbled “Man… I feel like a woman..” Clearly, I am the most fun at karaoke parties.

A week later I was sitting with another friend Hynen and we were discussing Miranda Kerr serenading Evan Snapchat at their wedding with “Still the One”. Firstly, who knew Miranda could sing? and secondly, of all the love songs in the world, why that one?

There is a lot of naff 90s music that I can take, Backstreet Boys, Vengaboys, B*witched, The Corrs (who are borderline) but for some reason Shania’s songs are not transcendently cheesy, they don’t grow better with age, they just kind of .. grow mould.

And despite this, we seem to be in the middle of some sort of Shania-Twainaissance. Who else is excited for this album in 4 months time? 4 months! That’s half the gestational period of a baby. Someone explain the appeal to me, please.

Shania Twain Now

Trailer thoughts: Wonder

Do you know what this reminds me of? The movie Mask with Cher and Eric Stoltz. It’s Mask for the 2017 set. That movie freaked me out as a kid, I was clearly not an empathetic child.

Wonder is a return to form for Julia Roberts, and we all know that Julia Roberts doesn’t just do any movie, so it has that going for it. And it’s nice to see Owen Wilson again, who does warm better than anyone else. The other notable is that they moved the film to November because Lionsgate thinks it might have some Oscar buzz. You have to go with the zeitgeist, and the zeitgeist says that in these troubled times, no-one wants to watch the dark war movie where everyone dies, people want to watch the movie where parents and kids love each other and things get (generally) neatly resolved.

I’ll state for the record now, that I’m onboard for this film but I will cut someone if the kid dies at the end. Don’t emotionally manipulate me movie.


Amber Rose gets undressed for Slutwalk

So I’ve been on holiday, completely ignoring any and all Katy Perry things when this shows up in my feed.

Amber Rose Censored

I’ll give you a minute to process that picture. Instagram pretty much removed it straight away for violating terms of service and Twitter didn’t. So there’s that.

First off, let’s be clear that Amber Rose can wear or not wear whatever she wants to promote Slutwalk, because it’s 2017 and third wave feminism is still a thing.

But man, am I conflicted about this. On the one hand, two claps because she’s proud of her body and this pic is going out to promote a good cause and.. good for her? And on the other, the messaging of this is really messy. With this post, she’s made it the Amber Rose show, people are talking about her bush and the oil, they’re not talking about Slutwalk itself. Slutwalk has become incidental to her fighting on Twitter with Piers Morgan about whether it’s feminist to pose nude.

She played the shock value card to start the conversation but did it work? I personally am not clambering onboard to walk from this, but maybe other people are. I’d be curious to see how she looks to promote it next year, you can’t really get much nude-r than the above pic.