Trailer thoughts: Pacific Rim: Uprising

  • So they’ve uncancelled the apocalypse I guess because the first movie made a bonkers amount of money.
  • John Boyega steps into Idris Elba’s shoes as his son. He’s looking pretty good.
  • Scott Eastwood takes sidekick role, which is kind of nice. Normally, it’s the other way around.
  • There is a really interesting pause in JB’s narration: “The only thing standing in front of the apocalypse..” and then it quickcuts to the Chinese army. I suspect that a Chinese company may be bankrolling this movie. Just a thought.
  • This looks like Transformers and Neon Genesis had a baby made out of steroids.
  • Completely lost count of the amount of explosions.
  • We should all be more excited over robots versus monsters. Does everyone have robot fatigue yet?
  • Seriously though, the only monster movie I’m looking forward to Godzilla vs Kong. Kong: Skull Island is ridiculously underrated. You can fight me over this.



Jake Gyllenhaal for Calvin Klein Eternity

Calvin Klein Brooke Shields

A little while ago, my friend asked me to do the garment district tour with her in NYC. It was a fun little walk, with a very, very old guide who tried to impress upon us how much he knew about the industry. I don’t know if he did or not to be honest. We stood in a lot of building lobbies where he would lightly mention that he wasn’t welcome there anymore. At one point we stood in front of a giant billboard and the guide said that this was where Calvin Klein made his mark. According to him, no-one knew who Calvin Klein was at the time, so he put all his money into this giant billboard with a topless Brooke Shields wearing only a pair of jeans and that’s how he made himself really well known. I have to mention again that the guide was super old and possibly rolling Kate Moss and Brooke Shields into one singularity (Brooke is definitely not topless in the ad), but the point remains that Calvin made his mark by positioning the brand as more overtly sexual.

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Michelle Obama loves Bruno Mars

It’s been an absolutely brutal week for everyone, so do you need a small spirit lift? How about Michelle Obama being adorable with Bruno Mars?

Let me count the things I adore about this photo.

1) Michelle Obama. I’m so taken with how happy she looks. When was the last time you saw her smile like that? Although I am fairly sure that I smiled like that when I was at his concert. He just has the most amazing energy when he performs.

2) She’s carrying a personalised sweatshirt. Aww, he made it just for her.

3) Bruno Mars is the king of the poses. But we all knew this already.

4) Bruno Mars’ dimple has broken so many hearts and will probably continue to do so in the near future.

Lastly, I love that the First Lady loves Bruno Mars, which song do you think is her favourite? I could really see her belting out Grenade or Uptown Funk. No-one can resist Uptown Funk.


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Jared Leto and Brett Ratner team up for Hugh Hefner movie

Jared Leto Hugh Hefner

Page Six is reporting that Jared Leto is starring in an untitled biopic about Hugh Hefner (boy bye), which is most likely to be directed by Brett Ratner. Hugh Hefner hasn’t even been dead a week, I assume everyone’s publicists are sleeping off a bender to let this announcement go out now.

So other than that bit of grossness, this may also be the worst idea for a movie I’ve ever heard of.¬†Someone in Hollywood must have just shoved a ton of awful names into a hat on a dare and picked out those three for movie-making magic. Do you think there’s a part for Mel Gibson in there somewhere as well??

Kim Cattrall calls DOA on Sex and the City 3

Sex and the City 3

About a month ago, Netflix recommended that I watch Sex and the City 2. I knew of its bad reputation and had never seen it, namely because I was still really annoyed by the events of the first movie. Big left Carrie at the altar and they made up over a poem and a shoe closet. Seriously Carrie, what were you thinking?

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Kate McKinnon on the cover of Vanity Fair November 2017

Kate McKinnon Vanity Fair
Um. What can I say? Who was the genius who decided to put Kate McKinnon in a dunce hat, Britney’s bikini top from the VMAs and pink satin shorts against a kelly green background? Generally Vanity Fair is on fire and this month the entire team (editors, stylists, creative direction) fell asleep at the wheel. Are they on strike because Graydon Carter is leaving?

The cover story inside with Kate is not much better. Do you remember how a couple of weeks back, I wrote about how hard it is to interview Harrison Ford, because he gives you nothing. I didn’t give enough credit to Chris Heath of GQ for that story, because lord, the writer for this article has nothing from Kate McKinnon¬†and she fills that space with tangents on Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, the writing process, movie-star profiles..

If you can’t fill 3000 words, tell your editor. Don’t just pad. It makes everyone look really silly, including Kate McKinnon herself. I’m sure Kate’s publicist is on the blower with VF giving them a big old dressing down right now about that cover and the article.

Here’s the article. You’ll see what I mean.

J.J. Abrams remaking Your Name. Why.

Your Name

Here’s your weekly reminder that not everything needs to be remade! Guys!

It’s being reported that J.J. Abrams is teaming up with Paramount to recreate Your Name for an American audience. Your Name is a 2016 anime about two teenagers who swap bodies a la Freaky Friday, and it’s very, very, Japanese. There’s an entire subplot revolving around Shinto religion, they celebrate village festivals and traditions, they travel around on bullet trains. They’re going to have to excise everything that makes Your Name special and keep the bare bones plot I guess.

To add insult to injury, it’s going to be remade as a live action film. Which I suppose is less labor intensive that animating an entire movie.

Argh. This is not cool. I am not happy about this. If anime is up your alley, please take some time to watch the original Your Name. You’ll see how hard it’ll be to translate to American screens. They’re going to make a hash of it.