The Usher STD saga continues


Usher is by far and away, killing it for the most interesting celebrity saga this year, with the ongoing lawsuit as potential herpes spreader extraordinaire. ┬áJust when you think that it can’t get anymore sordid, the alleged victim Quantasia steps out for a press conference to defend herself.

Close your eyes and tell me what you see when you conjure up a hypothetical Usher lover. Does she look like Vivica A Fox or Nia Long? What does a typical groupie look like? Continue reading


Usher is being sued $10m for exposing a women to herpes. What you haven’t?

This is the 2nd time that Usher is being sued for exposing a woman to herpes. The first resulted in a $1.1m settlement and now another lady is suing him for $10m. That’s 10 million dollars. That’s going to buy you a lot of cream and antibiotics. Possibly a mansion. She mentions green discharge so maybe that amount is justified.

So there are really only two paths for this to go: either she’s making this up because he’s an easy target (and she genuinely has to have a case of it) or he actually gave it to her and he needs a new doctor, because his current one is costing him a mint.

Medical professionals around the world are working really hard to destigmatise sexually transmitted diseases, Usher is doing his best to completely undo that. Disclose your issues and put a wrapper on it if you have an STD guys.