Shania Twain: Life’s about to get good

Ok, in order to be fair to Shania, I sat down and listened to it trying to keep an open mind. It sounds like the background music you play in a cereal commercial. That’s all I’ve got. It will make some money in ads for insurance or body wash.

Your thoughts? Am I being too harsh?


Welcome back Shania Twain?

About two weeks ago, I was at karaoke with a group of friends when one friend (unnamed) chose “Man, I feel like a woman” – that old chestnut. And despite her best efforts to have me sing as well, I could only sink further into my (extremely dirty) seat because the cringe was too much. At the chorus, I maybe mumbled “Man… I feel like a woman..” Clearly, I am the most fun at karaoke parties.

A week later I was sitting with another friend Hynen and we were discussing Miranda Kerr serenading Evan Snapchat at their wedding with “Still the One”.¬†Firstly, who knew Miranda could sing? and secondly, of all the love songs in the world, why that one?

There is a lot of naff 90s music that I can take, Backstreet Boys, Vengaboys, B*witched, The Corrs (who are borderline) but for some reason Shania’s songs are not transcendently cheesy, they don’t grow better with age, they just kind of .. grow mould.

And despite this, we seem to be in the middle of some sort of Shania-Twainaissance. Who else is excited for this album in 4 months time? 4 months! That’s half the gestational period of a baby. Someone explain the appeal to me, please.

Shania Twain Now