Riverdale Season 1 – Twin Peaks lite minus Bob

Who needs Twins Peaks when you have Twin Peaks lite?

I’m really glad that they eased up on that Ms Grundy plotline. Let’s get to some thoughts about Riverdale season 1.


The show worked best when it wasn’t focusing on Archie.
Good call to call the show Riverdale and not Archie. Was I the only one who kind of shrugged at Archie’s music career? It can’t all be murders and Southside serpents, but there was very little vested interest on whether Archie would make it to the school talent show. Please give us more Betty and Veronica: sister solidarity.

The parents take centre stage.
In the comic book Archies, the parents were interchangeable with no defining characteristics other than their hair. Betty’s mother could easily have been Archie’s mother with a little hair-dye work.

The parents on the TV show are loud and proud as monsters. They have little to no compunction about scarring their offspring by throwing them into mental hospitals, including them in criminal schemes, or killing them when the whimsy takes them. They’re great to watch, however Riverdale parents are the worst parents.

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Meet your possible new Sabrina the teenage witch

I’m not sure about this, but I’ll just put this out there. There are rumbles that Chloe Grace Moretz will be your new Sabrina in the Riverdale spinoff.

Chloe Grace Moretz Haircut Sabrina
Speculation runs rampant because she recently cut her hair and bleached it blonde, in which I can only say: well.. hasn’t everyone lately? On the other hand, she might make a great Sabrina, she’s the right age and everything. I recall Sabrina in the comics being a little more cheerful, but maybe they’re not hewing that closely to it (see: Riverdale).