Trailer thoughts: Wonder

Do you know what this reminds me of? The movie Mask with Cher and Eric Stoltz. It’s Mask for the 2017 set. That movie freaked me out as a kid, I was clearly not an empathetic child.

Wonder is a return to form for Julia Roberts, and we all know that Julia Roberts doesn’t just do any movie, so it has that going for it. And it’s nice to see Owen Wilson again, who does warm better than anyone else. The other notable is that they moved the film to November because Lionsgate thinks it might have some Oscar buzz. You have to go with the zeitgeist, and the zeitgeist says that in these troubled times, no-one wants to watch the dark war movie where everyone dies, people want to watch the movie where parents and kids love each other and things get (generally) neatly resolved.

I’ll state for the record now, that I’m onboard for this film but I will cut someone if the kid dies at the end. Don’t emotionally manipulate me movie.