A plague of Dior boxers on your houses

Christian Dior Underwear

Who doesn’t love some classic Dior? The house of iconic Oscar dresses, beautiful haute couture and lately, garbage bags posing as clothing. Which is to say, I think Dior is worried that it’s becoming obsolete, and so it’s going out of its way to market to millennials. Some brilliant marketing people must have sat in a room and asked themselves what millennials could afford in a Dior store that went something like this:

“Young people can’t afford our things! What should we sell them?”

“We can’t cut the prices of our dresses or our bags.”

“True true. Millennials can afford underwear right? They need to wear seven pairs a week. Let’s sell them branded Dior boxers.”

“Brilliant. We’ll make every celebrity partnered with our house wear them under sheer dresses.”

And thus, you can’t open a magazine without seeing these ugly things. Let’s run through some Dior crime (as always, Bella Hadid is NSFW)

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Trailer thoughts: Flatliners remake -Something is happening to us!

Did you hear REMAKE? DRINK!

Dear God, that looks.. terrible. I hate to blame again whoever cut that trailer again, but the first half is some CW Dawson’s Creek/Grey’s Anatomy hybrid and the second half is a demonic possession ghost thing.

So there are questions:

  • What has Ellen Page done to her career? Why.
  • Who did Diego Luna piss off in the hair department to end up with that wig?
  • Who the hell demanded a Flatliners remake??

It really made me want to crawl under a blanket and watch the original – Kevin Bacon, Kiefer Sutherland, Oliver Platt, Julia Roberts and a .. Baldwin. I’m so sad for this movie, which is going to end up as disposable summer filler, watched and forgotten. As the classic tagline goes: Some lines just shouldn’t be crossed (this is one of them).