Rocket and Racer Worthington-Bingle

Sam Worthington and Lara Bingle have just released the names of their two sons: Rocket and Racer. Matching speedy vehicle things!

Rocket Zot and Racer
I know that they will receive flak galore for choosing these instead of Ben and John, but I think it’s kind of cute. Please don’t sideeye me. But Michelle, you argue, what if they want to become Supreme Court judges? Well then Racer can be Ray and Rocket can go with Rocky, it’s still doable.

Also it’s not like they’re in located in Hootsville, Arkansas where they’ll be beaten to a pulp daily, they’re LA/NY kids – they’ll be fine.

(Do you remember the original outrage wheel over Rocket Zot and it turned out that Zot was named after her Father who had died not too long ago? Maybe hold off on your pitchforks for now.)