Whatcha wearing? Karlie Kloss on Vogue Australia

This cover actually made me stop, do a U-turn and buy it. It’s amazing and awful at the same time.

Karlie Kloss Vogue Australia

So many questions. What have Vogue Australia done to Karlie Kloss? They have given her vintage Kylie Minogue hair and photoshopped Delta Goodrem’s face on top. Way to go to promote Australian culture.
Plus what is she wearing? Do the creative team at Vogue Australia secretly hate Karlie Kloss?

I had a quick chat about it with some friends and they actually like this hair. They vote to pair it with a tuxedo and some sideboob. Yay or nay?

NB: The actual shoot is done at Bondi Beach, so I guess the editors were feeling extra patriotic this month.