Some thoughts on tattoo placement. I sigh.

I don’t know why, but there is a Macaulay Culkin renaissance happening right now. He is suddenly everywhere, maybe he got a new PR person? Yesterday I was scrolling through and there he is with Paris Jackson, getting matching tattoos.

Paris Jackson Macaulay Culkin Spoons

By itself, it’s kind of cute. They’re a pair of spoons. Someone mentioned there’s a possibility it’s related to spoon theory, but as far as I know neither Paris nor Mac have a chronic illness? Compliments aside, I hate, hate, hate the tattoo placement on Paris. It’s her body and she can do whatever she wants with it but it’s so incoherently placed that I don’t understand it. Is John Lennon more important than Dad? She does know that John Lennon used to beat Cynthia up right? Continue reading


Johnny Depp’s insane spending habitsĀ 

Johnny Depp is reportedly going broke. I guess Vanessa Paradis took some and Amber Heard took some ($7m but he’s reluctant to hand it over I hear), there’s a chunk on property and blowing Hunter Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon cost $3m. Bits and pieces have come together to decimate the total of $400m over his career.

Johnny Depp Sauvage

And now he’s being sued by his ex-managers for more money, so he’s having a terrible time lately. Continue reading