IT review: Can’t sleep, clown will eat me

IT 2017 cast kids

A couple of months ago while I was channel surfing, I managed to catch the 1990 version of IT on TV . While I love, love, loved the book, I wasn’t that familiar with the television series. Of course I had seen Tim Curry/Pennywise around and I had some feelings about Jonathan Brandis but on the whole it hadn’t seared my psyche the way that it had for friends and family.

Guys, I don’t know if I’ve been numbed by time but the TV series is terrible. The effects are dated (which can’t be helped), the dialogue is hokey (“why is IT so mean?”) and the worst of all is the acting. Everyone’s like a block of wood.

For example, this love scene. I promise no clowns.

See? Blocks of wood.

That brings me to 2017 IT, a movie that I’ve been waiting for, for a year and half at least. But in Cary Fukunaga I trust, and he delivered. They’ve moved the entire film forward 30 years so it’s now set in the eighties (there are a lot of New Kids on the Block references that flew over the heads of most of the people at my screening.) And you know what? It’s a good move, the fifties are not too different from the eighties for kids – with the addition of some walkmans and some mullets, it’s basically the same era. Continue reading


Trailer thoughts: IT the movie

It is actually truly upsetting to watch Georgie chase after that boat. Obviously that scene is iconic but I have a feeling a lot of adults with children won’t be so keen.

Pennywise 2017


  • I must’ve missed it, but where’s Beverley?
  • They’re splitting the movie in two children/adults – purists are fraught, but actually I think that might be a better idea, there’s a reason the original series is 12 hours.
  • Other than the Georgie scene, this doesn’t actually look that terrifying..
  • Derry looks gorgeous, is it supposed to look that gorgeous? No wonder no-one wants to leave (willingly)

Over to you: Thoughts?