The impracticalities of being Ariana Grande

This is how I know Ariana and I would never be friends.

Scooter Braun Instagram Disneyland

Here is an Instagram photo of Scooter Braun with his friends at Disneyland (Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner) as you do. It’s fine, young people of all wealth statuses love Disneyland, you can’t begrudge them that.

Please behold Ariana in the front, 4th on the right, that’s her in those massive, stupidly impractical shoes. Why would you wear those to Disneyland? You could probably get from the line of the entrance in those things and.. that’s it.  Moreover,  I can just imagine that she would be that horribly whiny person that would make you stop and rest constantly because her feet hurt in those shoes. She’s that friend.

Don’t even get me started on waiting in lines and trying to get on rides with those things. Ugh, Ariana, trying to look cool and completely missing the point of Disneyland.