On Amy Schumer’s break up (dating a comedian must be bloody hard)

It came out today that Amy Schumer and her boyfriend Ben Hanisch have broken up after dating for a year and a half. They appeared to really like each other and he seemed to be a nice, normal guy – not a celebrity rock star throwing televisions out of windows, just a furniture designer (a furniture designer who looks like a lot like Chris Evans. )

Amy Schumer Ben Hanisch

About two months ago, I sat down and watched Amy’s Leather Special on Netflix. She did her Amy Schumer thing and went no-holds-barred on sex and what it’s like to have conjugal relations with Ben, including that story of how he yawned while she was giving him oral. For a brief moment, I wondered how comfortable I would be if my partner was mining our sex life for jokes. Let’s assume Amy cleared all of this with Ben first before she went live.
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Whatcha wearing? Amy Schumer on Instyle

Wow. There’s a lot to unpack here.

Amy Schumer Instyle

First of all let me caveat this, by acknowledging that I have an internal bias against Instyle covers. They always look photoshopped to sh!t so you can take my wah wah wahs with a grain of salt. New look and feel of cover, same designer photoshopping Amy’s face into something ..lineless. Truly, they’ve clone stamped her face dry.

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