So Ali Wong named her kid after Marie Kondo

I love Ali Wong, I would probably not even be privy to the joys of Ali Wong if my friend hadn’t spun me around and demanded I watch the special. Thank you friend.

Ali Wong - Marie Kondo

So this piece came across my feed, it’s a nice profile about Ali Wong in NY magazine and there’s a bit in there about how Ali named her kid after Marie Kondo. Marie Kondo, if you don’t know, is the #1 celebrity closet organiser in the world – she is currently not heading up the charts for baby names as far as I know.

So Ali does not give a flying fish what you think about the name and that’s what makes Ali, Ali Wong. It’s refreshing right? Here is a celeb who genuinely will not be crushed by your opinions (as much as we can see, at least I hope she isn’t crying into her pillow at night over our judgement.)

Viva La Ali Wong – kicking the meek, shy Asian girl stereotype on its ass. Go watch her special on Netflix if you haven’t already.