Gal Gadot on Elle December 2017

Gal Gadot Elle December 2017

Gal Gadot is extraordinarily beautiful. I’ve said it before – that when I was watching Wonder Woman, I could not stop looking at her face. And I feel sort of bad for saying it, because in a way I’m objectifying her.  She also clearly has a tremendous personality (using her clout to oust Brett Ratner? yup.) and yet I can’t stop telling everyone that I know that I’m in love with Gal Gadot’s face and am looking for a surgeon to graft it on top of mine in a non-creepy way.

Which is why I don’t understand why Elle have posed her as if she has a headache. Guys? Hello? Why is she propping her head up? Is it the bracelet? Did you want us to see the bracelet?

It gets even better in the inside picture. Continue reading


Constance Wu and Crazy Rich Asians on the cover of Entertainment Weekly

I am so torn on how to feel about ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ the movie. If you’ve never read the book, it’s exactly what the title suggests  – it’s about wealthy Singaporean families at a wedding. People love the book and I could barely make it through the first chapter – it was that thrilling. So when I heard that they were making a movie, I think I lifted my shoulders in a semi-shrug.

And then the news slowly filtered my way, that it has an Asian director Jon M Chu and it has all-Asian cast headlined by Constance Wu, and my barometer is slowly moving to more interested but it’s still not at excitement levels.

Constance Wu Entertainment Weekly

The thing is I want this to do well. I love Constance Wu and I’m thrilled she has a leading role in a Hollywood movie. When was the last time you saw two Asians on the cover of Entertainment Weekly and when was the last time an Asian person headlined a mainstream Hollywood romantic comedy? Jackie Chan doesn’t count. This movie could do big things in diversity for Asian-Americans in film if it succeeds.

I understand the irony of my tepid interest and my desire to have everyone else in the world go see it. Guys, let me know if it’s any good hey?


Rihanna on Vogue Arabia 2017


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Vogue Arabia has its challenges to being a fashion magazine, namely that its models can’t show any skin. It has to straddle a line between conservative enough to please the overlords and stylish enough for women in that region to buy it.

And they are genuinely, consistently smashing it out of the park (other than the Bella + Karl collab but let’s pretend that didn’t happen.) Rihanna looks ah-mazing. Seriously stunning. Forget the coat and the hat even, look at that face! The face is carrying the entire cover. This cover is going to get an insane amount of press, and no-one doubts they deserve it.

Chris Hemsworth and Cate Blanchett on Vogue Australia 2017

Cate B has been on the cover of Vogue so many times that she must just treat it like another day in the office. I am really glad though that Vogue continues to give her her dues as a style icon.

Plus this month, there’s bonus Chris Hemsworth (moving up the ranks to 2nd best Chris), it’s enough to make your heart spill over with Australian pride.

Cate Blanchett Chris Hemsworth Vogue 2017

God, and they look great don’t they? Like they just rolled out of an ad for Country Road.

If that doesn’t sell you, how about a delightful photo of the two of them hanging out on the grass with wine, pretending to play chess? I love it.

Chris Hemsworth Cate Blanchett Vogue Chess


Variety Power of Women October Issue 2017

Is October magazine compilation month? Is that what’s happening? If it is, I am here for it. Competing with Elle’s Women in Hollywood and T Magazine – The Greats, we are literally spoiled for choice.

So let’s get to it shall we?

Michelle Pfeiffer Variety Magazine 2017

Why is Michelle Pfeiffer so beautiful? Why. I was thinking that the other day while watching Grease 2, it’s positively unfair. Continue reading

Women in Hollywood on Elle Magazine November 2017

There’s been so many garbage men dominating the news for the last week, so thank goodness for the inanely good timing of Elle’s Women in Hollywood issue. Let’s admire some strong, positive role models shall we?

Laura Dern Elle Magazine November 2017

I straight up don’t ever recall anyone ever giving Laura Dern a front cover. Thank you Elle for finally giving Laura Dern what she deserves. She looks fabulous. Continue reading

Kate McKinnon on the cover of Vanity Fair November 2017

Kate McKinnon Vanity Fair
Um. What can I say? Who was the genius who decided to put Kate McKinnon in a dunce hat, Britney’s bikini top from the VMAs and pink satin shorts against a kelly green background? Generally Vanity Fair is on fire and this month the entire team (editors, stylists, creative direction) fell asleep at the wheel. Are they on strike because Graydon Carter is leaving?

The cover story inside with Kate is not much better. Do you remember how a couple of weeks back, I wrote about how hard it is to interview Harrison Ford, because he gives you nothing. I didn’t give enough credit to Chris Heath of GQ for that story, because lord, the writer for this article has nothing from Kate McKinnon and she fills that space with tangents on Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, the writing process, movie-star profiles..

If you can’t fill 3000 words, tell your editor. Don’t just pad. It makes everyone look really silly, including Kate McKinnon herself. I’m sure Kate’s publicist is on the blower with VF giving them a big old dressing down right now about that cover and the article.

Here’s the article. You’ll see what I mean.