Variety Power of Women October Issue 2017

Is October magazine compilation month? Is that what’s happening? If it is, I am here for it. Competing with Elle’s Women in Hollywood and T Magazine – The Greats, we are literally spoiled for choice.

So let’s get to it shall we?

Michelle Pfeiffer Variety Magazine 2017

Why is Michelle Pfeiffer so beautiful? Why. I was thinking that the other day while watching Grease 2, it’s positively unfair. Continue reading


Women in Hollywood on Elle Magazine November 2017

There’s been so many garbage men dominating the news for the last week, so thank goodness for the inanely good timing of Elle’s Women in Hollywood issue. Let’s admire some strong, positive role models shall we?

Laura Dern Elle Magazine November 2017

I straight up don’t ever recall anyone ever giving Laura Dern a front cover. Thank you Elle for finally giving Laura Dern what she deserves. She looks fabulous. Continue reading

Kate McKinnon on the cover of Vanity Fair November 2017

Kate McKinnon Vanity Fair
Um. What can I say? Who was the genius who decided to put Kate McKinnon in a dunce hat, Britney’s bikini top from the VMAs and pink satin shorts against a kelly green background? Generally Vanity Fair is on fire and this month the entire team (editors, stylists, creative direction) fell asleep at the wheel. Are they on strike because Graydon Carter is leaving?

The cover story inside with Kate is not much better. Do you remember how a couple of weeks back, I wrote about how hard it is to interview Harrison Ford, because he gives you nothing. I didn’t give enough credit to Chris Heath of GQ for that story, because lord, the writer for this article has nothing from Kate McKinnon and she fills that space with tangents on Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump, the writing process, movie-star profiles..

If you can’t fill 3000 words, tell your editor. Don’t just pad. It makes everyone look really silly, including Kate McKinnon herself. I’m sure Kate’s publicist is on the blower with VF giving them a big old dressing down right now about that cover and the article.

Here’s the article. You’ll see what I mean.

Lorde on the cover of Vogue Australia

Lorde Vogue Australia

Holy moly, Lorde looks stunning. I didn’t even notice what she was wearing (the electrical cord from my iron tied around a rain poncho) because I was distracted by her face and that expression. That’s what Tyra would call a smize. I love it. Seriously, in addition to all of her other amazing qualities, Lorde could try her hand at America’s Next Top Model.

Whatcha wearing: Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey on Paper Magazine

How do we feel about these covers? On the one hand, I’m really glad it’s not Bella Hadid again and on the other, this is what Paper Magazine does (Remember this?) I mean once upon a time, it might have been controversial to photograph someone topless but right now it feels really tired. Also they’ve photoshopped Mimi’s waist into oblivion.

The only person in the world feeling more meh than me on these covers is probably Mariah herself. Mariah famously shaded J Lo when she told a reporter that she didn’t know who she was.  And now she has to share cover space with her. Do you think Mariah is keeping track of which cover moves more copies?

Whatcha wearing? Bella Hadid on the cover of Vogue Arabia


I hate to be that person that compares one sister to another (it never ends well) but it has to be said that Gigi is much a better model than Bella, the Gigi Vogue Arabia cover is iconic, you can’t topple that mountain. I have said  before that I don’t really understand the hype around Bella, but you know Karl Lagerfield has given his blessing and that apparently means something in the modelling world. It’s an embossed stamp of approval. Continue reading