Jennifer Lawrence could have been Serena Van Der Woodsen


So I’ve been revisiting Gossip Girl Season 1 on its 10th anniversary, and it’s exactly how I remembered it. I loved Serena’s enthusiasm, I was incredibly annoyed by Blair, I was impressed by Jenny’s gumption, but there are things that I’m picking up on the second time around that I missed before.

Firstly, Dan is the worst. Full stop. And Serena is routinely abused by Blair and Dan all the time. He drops Serena for sleeping with someone else before they’ve even started dating, and Serena just takes it! Blair also does her best to try and ruin Serena’s life constantly and it’s just something that Blair does. Like it’s a perfectly normal thing to ruin college entrance for your ex-friends. For pretty much all of season 1, I just want Serena to get new friends.

Oh yeah, and Chuck Bass and all his rapiness still makes me super queasy, I don’t care how spiffy your bowtie makes you look.

So on this train of thought, Gossip Girl creator Josh Schwartz mentioned that ten years ago, the Jennifer Lawrence auditioned as the Serena Van Der Woodsen and was crushed when she didn’t get it. Think about that for a minute, Jennifer Lawrence as Serena Van Der Woodsen. I guess once upon a time, Blake and Jennifer did have a similar look.

I honestly think a Jennifer Lawrence/Serena VDW would have been much more assertive than the Blake Lively version, and less likely to have been walked all over (Hey Lily, Dan, Blair..) Alas we will never know, I’m sure Jennifer is happy with her Oscar and her movie career. She’s probably not complaining at how it all turned out.

If you want to read more about the history of Gossip Girl, this piece by Vanity Fair is a great place to start.


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