The fashion in Glow: There’s an 80s outfit for everyone

There are a lot of things to love about Glow on Netflix, but what I loved most of all was the authentic 80s outfits and hair. The costumes don’t look like something that a stylist pulled out of Topshop, it looks exactly like the clothes of my childhood. I spent a good amount of time as a kid trying to get Jenny’s exact hairstyle – a long high ponytail to the side with a hairsprayed looping fringe. Of course, it never quite happened because my hair was never long enough, but that was the dream. Now it looks faintly ridiculous, and I’m sure people would laugh and point if I attempted that today.

But let’s take a walk through the fashions of Glow, what we can look at repeating and what should go permanently to a burn pile.

Glow Alison Green Nancy Reagan Dress

I’m terribly on the fence with Ruth’s green two piece. On the one hand, she looks great! And on the other, if anyone else attempted it, they would look like.. Nancy Reagan. Debbie’s dress definitely needs to go on the burn pile however. There’s something terribly nouveau riche about it, which Debbie is all over. But still.

Glow Alison Purple Jacket.png

I love this jacket. I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen a variant of this jacket floating around H&M. Those jean pockets are hilariously impractical, I think you may have to angle your wrists to get your hands sitting in a comfortable position.

Glow Debbie American Leotard

Be prepared to see Debbie’s leotard all over the place when Halloween rolls around, I foresee a lot of great Liberty Belle costumes. Also Debbie’s leotard is flattering around the hips, whereas Ruth’s leotard is ensuring we’re very close to seeing all of her Turkmenistan, if you know what I mean. I think there are supposed to be bike shorts under there.

Glow Debbie Purple Wrap

The make-up and hair for Debbie for the entire series is on point. Also I kind of like the fake wrap dress?

Glow Debbie Wool JUmper

Deb also wears a lot of clingy, knit jumpers which were an 80s specialty- brightly coloured so they can’t miss you and tight enough so that it hugged your curves. Those jumpers were not kind to people who are flat. Therefore I banish you Cosby/Jenny Kee/Christmas leftovers to the donation bin. Also is it that cold in LA that woollen pieces are even necessary?

Glow Leotards 2

Moving away from Debbie, I love, love, love Cherry’s romper. Also who can tell me how Artie’s outfit works? That has to be two pieces right? If it’s two pieces, is that singlet tucked in? Because there’s no crumple zone around the waist, would that mean it might easily fall out during an exercise session? Unless they’ve pinned it. My head hurts thinking about it. Also check  Jenny’s hair!

Glow leotards

A better look at Jenny’s hair from here. Also Melrose’s leotard and whole look is so Madonna/Desperately Seeking in Susan era, I’m in love with it. You would definitely not be able to wrestle in it  without tears but c’est la vie. Please bring back the long-sleeved-lace-exercise-outfit. Speaking of things I love, can you see Tamee’s purple one piece with patterned tee-shirt in the back?

Glow Tamee Leotard

It’s damn adorable. That is the face of someone who knows they’re wearing a cute outfit.

Glow Melrose Outfit

You know I think I’m inspired to try the white nail polish, five necklace combo with a red lipstick. Thanks Melrose!

Glow Melrose white jacket

If the leotards are baffling me on this show, the jacket game on everyone is insanely great. I need a white leather jacket with gold piping in my life. Also I immensely prefer Melrose’s ripped jeans to what’s going on today. I mean what even is this? Guys.

Glow Rollerskating scene

Here’s a full length look at Melrose’s jeans. There is a full representation of pants in this scene. You have the short shorts, skinny jeggings, ripped-high-waisted jeans, lounge pants and .. grandpa skorts?

Glow Party dresses 2

We get to the formalwear portion of this walk. If I was still in the 80s, I might have sold myself for Jenny’s pink polyester dress. Now, not so much. How embarrassing.

Cherry’s dress is a style that has lasted through the years, with the exception of those insane shoulder pads, I feel like Salma Hayek has worn a variant of this lately. Justine looks like she just stepped out of a club from today and actually, so does Bash. Bash looks like he just came from work at an investment bank in the 1800s. Bash always looks great.

Glow Party dresses

Jenny’s dress and Artie’s peplum. I didn’t even know peplum was a thing back then.

Glow Rhonda Overalls

We’re going to finish here on Rhonda who is wearing a backwards-floral-romper over a tubetop. Rhonda is a girl who looooves her patterns. I would say take these to the burn pile, but somehow she’s killing it. Am I crazy?

Glow Rhonda Short Shorts

In conclusion, bring back the jackets and the hair, I will allow it. Please no-one even attempt the leotards of that era, unless you’re a tried and true professional. And now I’m off to rewatch Flashdance to complete my 80s fashion nostalgia trip. Who knows I may even be tempted to try some shoulder pads.


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