Kendall Jenner and the problem with tipping

Sometimes Kendall Jenner must just wake up in the morning, and despite being gorgeous, wealthy and famous, just hate being Kendall Jenner.

Because frankly, it must seem like people are gunning for her all the time. I mean, you think you try to do everything right and then a bar publicly shames you for not tipping.

Kendall Jenner receipt

Apparently Kenny went to Baby’s All Right in Brooklyn, paid for $24 worth of drinks and didn’t tip. So the bar decided to post the receipt on Instagram. For the official record, this is a dick move by the bar to capitalise on large-scale Jenndashian hate. Eh guys, I hope this was worth the 50 extra followers or whatever.

Secondly, no-one actually knows whether Kenny actually left a cash tip, if it was an oversight (y’know alcohol?) or whether she decided the server was sh!t and didn’t deserve one.

I can only say from experience, that the US tipping system is a steaming pile of bollocks. For the uninitiated, the way it works is that the owners don’t pay the servers enough (or somewhere way under minimum wage) and so through the tipping system, it becomes the onus on the customers to pay out the rest of the server’s wage through tips. This results in two sets of behaviour from your friendly server: a) your server grits their teeth and acts like your new best friend while secretly wanting to spit in your pie or b) your server acts like the tip is an entitlement, actually spits in your pie and expects a tip forthcoming regardless. Also in New York specifically, it’s supposed to be 20%, that figure makes me want to kick a small puppy. So if I order a $15 ramen, that’s an extra $3. Do you know how you can stop these kinds of things from happening owners? Price your stupid ramen at $18 and pay your frigging server. And then I get to decide whether your food is worth $18 or whether I walk down the street for another option.

There have been way too many times where I have mentally slapped myself for giving tips to a server/bartender where it was incredibly unjustified. And so despite Kenny being wealthy like Scrooge McDuck, would it shock you if she didn’t tip because the server was grumpy? It wouldn’t surprise me.


Kenny said she paid cash. The bar continues to dispute it. I can’t believe this is a thing. Seriously Baby’s. Let go of the four dollars.


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