Domino’s hair and the impracticality of superhero hairstyles

I’ve loved Zazie Beetz since I saw her as the exasperated Van in Atlanta. And you know I’m really glad that she’s going to be Domino in the new Deadpool 2. She looks great! Doesn’t she look great guys? She’s using Deadpool as a rug. It’s funny.

Domino Deadpool Hairstyle

There’s just one small thing, that hair. That hair is going to get her killed, some mug is going to grab it in a fight and then Domino will be dead. End of movie. Deadpool mourns her. Time for another sequel.

But you argue, what about all of the other superheroes who also have wildly impractical hairstyles? I’m not excusing them either. I also think that Wonder Woman, Super Girl, She Ra, Thor and Black Widow all need to invest in some hair ties and I’ve been thinking that for some time. I’ve been a big advocate for tying your hair back since Drew Barrymore had a chunk ripped out by the Thin Man in Charlie’s Angels. I get it, the studios prefer female superheroes with long hair because it’s pretty, it says feminine when your girl is punching someone out and it looks nice when the wind whips it after saving the world. But damn, it’s impractical.

Halle Berry Catwoman

Do you know whose hair gets a pass from me? Catwoman. Specifically Halle Berry’s Catwoman. Let’s ignore the costume (because wtf, someone will stab her in the stomach and then it’s lights out for her internal organs), but that hair will not be her downfall, dammit.


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