Mindy Kaling’s having a baby!

Mindy and BJ Novak

Our favourite Mindy in the world is having a baby,  which was in her words an “unexpected surprise.” Having a baby at 38 years old is definitely an unexpected surprise. And of course it’s definitely doable when you have infinite resources like Mindy. I feel that she’s going to be a great mother, but let’s wait another 30 years for the Kaling baby memoir to come out. No wire hangers.

The question is (and we have to ask it): who is the baby’s father? The predominant thought is that it’s BJ Novak’s. They’ve had an on and off relationship for years, it would be oddly perfect if her life mirrored The Mindy Project or Bridget Jones’ Baby.

The other potential contender is Democrat senator Cory Booker, yes, that guy. Handsome, smart and wow. Cory and Mindy flirted online a few months ago, but who knows if anything ever eventuated from it? A super-cute baby perhaps?

Mindy had to have known, that by not revealing the father that we are going to speculate. How can we not? Some insider from People is saying that she’s not even telling her closest friends. I wonder if the shoe was on the other foot that Mindy Kaling would demand to know. She totally would.


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