Rumi and Sir Carter are here to give you feelings

Sorry for the delay in posts everyone, I am actually in the US right now and the only gossip that’s filtering through is Ben Affleck and his new girlfriend (mmm), Julianne Hough got married in Idaho (mmmm) and that Brad Pitt is dating Sienna Miller (mmmmm). 

However, you can count on the Carter family to make headlines, they hate it more than anyone when people are talking Kardashians, and the K-Klan are back to their old scandalous ways (Kim and her candy, Rob being Rob, the Jenner sisters stepping in it constantly).

So presenting to you, Rumi and Sir Carter.

I don’t even know where to look first. Beyoncé looks amazing a month after giving birth. She’s giving off 2017 Virgin Mary vibes (note the lack of father in publication.) The Virgin Mary loves her tie dyed silk robe. There’s some filter work happening but we won’t talk about that. Rumi and Sir look.. wrinkly. Also angry that they’ve been released from the golden birth canal so soon. Those babies don’t want to take photos, they look like they want to go back to sleep. Get used to those cameras kiddos.



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