Whatcha wearing? Emily Ratajkowski on Harper’s Bazaar Australia

Emily Ratajkowski Harpers Bazaar

When Emily Ratajkowski first came out in Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, I was like “Who is this girl? She seems so brazen and funny!” And then of course, Robin Thicke dropped his career in the trash, nobody plays the song anymore and the only thing that came out of it was Emily Ratajkowski’s career. Sort of.

I haven’t been following her too closely, and I don’t know what her PR is doing, but she comes off as extremely thirsty, like she’s Lea Michele on steroids. Maybe she’s nothing like that in real life, I have no idea. But when she’s mentioned, I don’t think Blurred Lines first or even Gone Girl, I think selfie

Emily Ratajkowski Kim Kardashian

It has never, ever occurred to me to take off my top with my friend in a hotel bathroom, to take a selfie. There’s nothing wrong with it per se, but it tells me that we have several sets of realities happening here, and I don’t quite grasp hers.

So when Harpers interviews her and she says “People don’t want to work with me because my boobs are too big”, I want to shake her for complete lack of self-awareness. And also because those are hardly double JJs.

Sigh, it’s not the chest (which we are exhaustingly familiar with by now), it’s the image that’s the issue. She (or her PR agency) have positioned her in a way that doesn’t allow her to be cast in Merchant Ivory parts, Denis Villeneuve movies or the current aim of the day. I see her Instagram and there are a sh!t ton of sexy shots, that’s fine, own it. Whatever floats the boat. But I can’t see a casting director looking at any of that and thinking they want to cast her as Jackie O or as Peggy Schulyer from Hamilton or something. That is the reality when your butt cheeks come up on Instagram all the time. Your value as an actress is your ability to disappear into roles, you’ve made it into the Emily R show and now people can’t separate.

So go the Selena Gomez way and produce something if that makes people take you more seriously. But don’t blame the boobs. Also both Sharon Stone and Natasha Henstridge would both like a word on how they parlayed their breasts into longstanding careers covered up.

Should we talk about the cover? The dress is nice. The interview is still infuriating.


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