Welcome Carter twins: Sir and Rumi!

Beyonce Rumi Sir Carter
Reports are out from TMZ and Eonline, that there are confirmed names for the Carter Twins: Sir and Rumi. Apparently this was dug up by TMZ who scooped papers filed at the patent office. TMZ is just casually hanging around patent offices to see if they can find the names of the anointed ones. Anyway.

If it’s true – the twins are called Sir and Rumi. Those are cute names. While I was originally unsure about Sir, it’s growing on me. When you call someone Sir, you’re immediately designating respect for them, and that’s probably paramount for Bey and Jay in bringing up a young black man in today’s world.

Sir also fits in the current trend of celebrity boy names. You have Saint West, Sir Carter, Titan Witherspoon and King Stevenson, all in the same social circles. If your parents call you Titan, it goes without saying they want big things for you, it’s a lot of expectation from the start.

Rumi, however is likely to be taken from the Persian, Muslim poet, and it’s a very sweet name. However, Rumi the poet is a guy, but it’s not out of the way to take male names and reappropriate them as female (I’m looking at you Blake Lively). Hopefully I have not bunged this up by assuming Sir is the boy and Rumi is the girl.

Unless we were wrong in assumptions about the genders and they are both boys??


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