Trailer thoughts: Blind

The makers of this movie are making fun of us, or it’s a tax dodge. Either or.

Let me confirm what I think I see (pardon the pun)

  • Demi Moore and Dylan McDermott are married.
  • Dylan McDermott turns out to be a pharma-bro and ends up in jail whereas Demi ends up in community service, for an unnamed crime.
  • This community service turns out to be at a home for the visually impaired, where Alec Baldwin lives.
  • Alec Baldwin lectures Demi over how she reads Anna Karenina out loud (Don’t follow Anna’s example, she ends up dead on some train tracks).
  • This somehow awaken Demi to the fact that her marriage is loveless.
  • Er. The pompous Alec lecture doesn’t turn Demi off, and she FALLS IN LOVE WITH ALEC BECAUSE SHE IS ANNA. ANNA IS ABANDONED BY EVERYONE. DO NOT FOLLOW.
  • Dylan McDermott returns from jail and sends a private investigator to take photos of Alec and Demi making out.
  • Dylan McDermott reads Anna Karenina back to Alec (This is an interesting way to revive flagging book sales) and then SLAPS Alec, while saying ” You must not see Suzanne/Demi again!” Geddit? He’s blind. Harhar.
  • I guess Demi and Alec break up? Because he asks her to come back?
  • We further establish DMcDermott as a villain because he socks someone in the kneecap with a golf club. On further inspection, it doesn’t appear to be Alec because how many times can you beat up a blind man in one movie?
  • Demi, Alec and Dylan all look introspective as the credits roll

So it’s an unholy mess of At First Sight and Unfaithful blended in with a generic thriller about how pharmaceutical companies are assholes. Did I miss anything? Who’s onboard the official Demi comebacktrain? I could probably watch this with a lot of vodka.


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