Britney Spears denies lip-syncing. Say what?

Britney Spears Lip sync?

I’m glad you’re addressing this question because it’s really funny. A lot of people think that I don’t sing live. I usually, because I’m dancing so much, I do have a little bit of playback, but there’s a mixture of my voice and the playback. It really pisses me off because I am busting my ass out there and singing at the same time and nobody ever really gives me credit for it, you know?

Brit is a bit annoyed that we haven’t been giving her due credit for singing over the years.

I love you Brit but come on really? We know you lip sync. We’ve been watching you lip sync since 1999. And that’s fine! Your songs are not built for big pipes. Let’s not all suddenly pretend that you’re Adele and you’ve been belting it out your entire career. Christina, definitely. You? Not so much.


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