Trailer thoughts: The Foreigner

Chinese money is big money to Hollywood. Firstly, Chinese financiers are behind half of every blockbuster produced lately. You might’ve noticed a corresponding meteoric rise in Shanghai locales in movies these days.

Secondly, Chinese box office is saving ¬†traditional CGI-box-office flops. Transformers: The Last Knight which is absolutely dying in the US is being propped up by a $123 million opening in China (I don’t know if this says something about Chinese taste).

And lastly, they’ve started to cut movies, so that there are Chinese and American versions. For example, if you’ve watched the US version of Kong: Skull Island, there’s a Chinese actress who literally says one line the entire movie. In the Chinese version, I believe that she has a much larger role to play.

This brings me to: The Chinese studios are clearly trying to make Jackie Chan a thing, and I’m fairly sure Jackie Chan has not been a thing since Rush Hour.

It looks like Taken but with Jackie Chan. It’s a Jackie Chan movie designed to go out to Jackie Chan fans. He kicks things, he shoots things, he falls down from a high platform. If I don’t sound too excited, it’s because we’ve seen him do this since 1970-something. For me, it’s getting as stale as chips.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had an Asian male lead in a Hollywood movie, who wasn’t kicking and punching? Wouldn’t that be great? Maybe consider financing that?


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