Taylor Swift’s PR game: slightly rusty

So no-one has seen our girl Tay for months, and there will be people (celebrity gossip columnists mostly) who are hanging out to see whether she returns to Instagram for the 4th of July’s annual #Taymerica.

Well she’s back. Briefly. To give praise to Russell Westbrook for winning NBA MVP this year.

Have you watched it? Do you have as many questions as I have?

Why choose Tay to give congrats? Why not choose someone who has a closer relationship to basketball? Isn’t Jay-Z around? He’s pimping 4:44! He’s ready and willing.
Isn’t there someone from Oklahoma they could have asked?

Why not choose someone who actually has a relationship with Russell Westbrook instead of having Tay pretend that they do as a punchline?

I don’t understand any of this. It’s b-bonkers. I’m glad she’s back but why here and why through this medium? I’m reading the tea leaves and coming up empty.


Oh right, Katy Perry and Calvin Harris dropped their new song. That makes sense. Carry on.


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