Onions and bananas: Katy Perry and Chris Martin at Glastonbury

Katy Perry’s PR march of doom continues as Lorde’s Melodrama takes on Witness in hand-to-hand combat. You can guess who will win this one in the long game.

Katy Perry Glastonbury

So last night it came up on a news segment (THE NEWS!) that Katy was in Glastonbury, doing some sets and crowd surfing while she was at it. Fine. Whatever floats everyone’s boat. I was just relieved that it wasn’t another piece about her livestreaming event or another bit on how much she’s growing into the real Katy Perry.

This morning, the Sun (so please with some salt), is reporting that Katy Perry and Chris Martin were making out at Glastonbury. I can’t think of another combination that’s more vomit-inducing. Onions and bananas maybe? It was also reporting that Chris was making out with Dua Lipa the day previously, so  possibly he’s doing that festival thing where you get it on with inappropriate randos, just because you can.

If I can get over the bad taste in my mouth, I’m fairly sure that is this a cynical PR ploy to once again drum up more attention to Katy and Witness. Kissing him right in the middle of promoting a new album seems terribly convenient to me. You’ll get more press, I’m not sure you’ll get more sales.


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