If you were wondering what happened to Aaron Carter

Aaron Carter was supposed to be the Bieber of his time with “I want candy“. Unfortunately, he came in on the tail-end of the 90s pop craze, in a market already saturated with young blonde men (his brother, NSync, Hanson, Boyzone, 98 Degrees, Jesse McCartney) and his career fizzled to nothingness.

Aaron Carter

From time to time, you would hear bits and pieces, two-timing Hilary Duff for Lindsay Lohan, the House of Carter series (did anybody actually watch the it?? It’s very stressful) and lawsuits, lots and lots of lawsuits.

So he didn’t give it all up to become an accountant. And the family itself has a terrible reputation for being incredibly dysfunctional (see: above link). I’m fairly sure that if the Carter parents had a monkey paw to make a wish on, they would look to turn back time and send all the kids to after-school tutoring and not music classes.

If that monkey paw also granted other wishes for the Carter kids, it would be to give them all better coping skills. They’re all stacked to the brim with both anger and substance issues. And if we’re returning to the topic at hand of Aaron, he was recently hospitalised from exhaustion. If you’re suffering from exhaustion, I suppose the last thing you want to see is people going @ you on your weight, I get it. The internet is full of assholes.

Aaron Carter Tweets Hospital

But it’s really a sign of his coping skills that he went full Trumpian-rant on Twitter that lasted from night until dawn. It seems lonely.

It occurs to me that if he had supportive friends and family, he would call them instead of exorcising his demons via tweet. This Hollywood thing isn’t working out for him and hasn’t been working out for twenty years – I hope that someone sits him down soon and tells him (nicely) so that’s he not on Dr Phil in ten years time as another example of child celebrities shooting heroin through their toes.


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