Thinking about Carrie Fisher

According to People magazine, the autopsy has come back for Carrie Fisher and it’s reported that she had cocaine and heroin in her system when she died. It’s not clear whether this contributed to her death exactly, but the official cause is listed as sleep apnea.

Carrie Fisher

So let’s go with two undisputed facts first.

Firstly, Carrie has been openly fighting addiction and mental illness since her Star Wars days.
The second is that Carrie Fisher didn’t really care what people thought. And that allowed her to be raucous, and honest, and funny.

I think there are a lot of people out there, who are going to be disappointed with this news, precisely because we tend to give celebrities post-death haloes. We wish for our heroines to go out like grande dames, dignified and matriarchal – two coughs and lights out. Carrie Fisher as usual, gave two fingers to that and went out still fighting those demons. It’s very Carrie. She always took a hammer to the image of perfection, and so in a way, it’s oddly fitting. We’re still having the conversation about drug addiction even after she’s gone, perhaps it was what she would have wanted.


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