Outrage over Kim Kardashian’s blackface is giving me redface

These days celebrity gossip has mostly taken a backseat to all of the atrocious things happening around the world. When was the last time anyone cared when two people broke up? (maybe Brad and Ange, but even they’ve gone strangely silent in the meantime) but the one thing that hasn’t gone completely out of style is the constant Kardashian outrage. I would humbly submit that even that has decreased in volume over the last six months  (with the exception of that Pepsi flub) but there’s something about that family that rubs people the wrong way and makes them forget all rhyme and reason.

Example in point, people are accusing Kim Kardashian of blackface in this Instagram post to promote her new line of make-up. Hoo boy.

Kim Kardashian Instagram Blackface

Guys. Guys. That’s not blackface. I know the mere mention of Kim sends your blood pressure up to 11 but you need to dial it back. That’s just bronzer, shiny photoshop and your Kardashianger talking. How can you expect to be taken seriously about actual racism when this miniscule thing is somehow worthy of your outrage? I don’t know.

For her part, Kim says she was just really tan and retracted the post (which is bonkers, but maybe it’s easier than people harping on about it). We’re at a point in the world, where the Kardashians have to apologise for their spray-ons. It doesn’t really get us further in a conversation about race.

No-one is complaining about Gal Gadot’s tan!
Wonder Woman Poster


2 thoughts on “Outrage over Kim Kardashian’s blackface is giving me redface

    • To be fair on her, I don’t think she could have foreseen this kind of reaction (I definitely didn’t!). I’m pretty sure that if she didn’t include darker colours in the palette, people would equally have slammed her for not having an inclusive enough make-up line. She can’t win.

      The social media policing of what bronzer you’re allowed to wear is bizarre. In the future, she and Kylie are probably not going to go any darker than peach (I recall that Kylie was in trouble once for a make-up shoot where she went silver??)

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