Amber Rose gets undressed for Slutwalk

So I’ve been on holiday, completely ignoring any and all Katy Perry things when this shows up in my feed.

Amber Rose Censored

I’ll give you a minute to process that picture. Instagram pretty much removed it straight away for violating terms of service and Twitter didn’t. So there’s that.

First off, let’s be clear that Amber Rose can wear or not wear whatever she wants to promote Slutwalk, because it’s 2017 and third wave feminism is still a thing.

But man, am I conflicted about this. On the one hand, two claps because she’s proud of her body and this pic is going out to promote a good cause and.. good for her? And on the other, the messaging of this is really messy. With this post, she’s made it the Amber Rose show, people are talking about her bush and the oil, they’re not talking about Slutwalk itself. Slutwalk has become incidental to her fighting on Twitter with Piers Morgan about whether it’s feminist to pose nude.

She played the shock value card to start the conversation but did it work? I personally am not clambering onboard to walk from this, but maybe other people are. I’d be curious to see how she looks to promote it next year, you can’t really get much nude-r than the above pic.



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