The Halle Berry cheese bump

There are some celebrities who are extremely thirsty for attention and don’t care if you know it (Emily Ratajkowski, I’m looking at you) and some celebrities who sit in the part-time thirsty camp, where you don’t see them for years and then all of a sudden they’re in your line of sight because they woke up one day and decided they need  the attention. It’s like plants coming up for sunlight. Halle Berry is one of those.

Halle Berry baby bump

Case in point, Halle Berry’s PR team has confirmed that she is definitely not pregnant, so what exactly are we supposed to make of these. Halle clearly wants us to speculate whether she’s an impending mother at age 50 (Hey Janet!) – why else would she be cupping her belly in all the photos? She had a cheese/lactose belly and wanted to make the most of it. It worked! Well done Halle, it was an innovative way to get yourself back in the headlines. What can you possibly do after this?


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