The continued downfall of Tiger Woods

Who would have guessed it would have come to this?

Yesterday, Tiger Woods was pulled over and charged for a DUI. He has denied that it wasn’t alcohol but rather prescription drugs. That he was in rehab for back pain and that he didn’t know how badly it affected him.

Tiger Woods

For some reason or another, Tiger has never been able to clean up his image after it was revealed he was sleeping with half a dozen women. Off the top of my head, I can name numerous celebrity men who have been busted for cheating with other women – Prince Charles, Bill Clinton, Ben Affleck, Chris Rock, Jude Law, Arnold Schwarznegger, Jackie Chan, Motherfudging David Letterman.. I’m sure there’s a longer list than this of adulterers with recovered reputations, but what is it about Tiger that he couldn’t bounce back from any of it. Maybe the drop down was too unrecoverable as a golden boy or maybe he just didn’t care to? If you’re a GOAT,  and you’re worth $740 million dollars – it’s possible that people’s opinions no longer matter.

If he does care and his image is important (especially to his Nike deal), then his poor PR company has some work to do trying to wipe that mugshot out. They might be able to sell it as a comeback story.

Tiger Woods Mugshot


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