Jaden Smith almost poisoned by cheese in pancakes

A little while ago, I was watching Rod Stewart with James Corden on Carpool Karaoke and Rod was telling this anecdote about he once stayed at a hotel where the room service was late, so in his rage he threw the television out the window. That’s a pretty assy move. If Bieber threw a television out the window today – we would hear about it til the end of time. It made me think of the passes we give our older artists and what kind of rubbish we would have gotten from them if they had had access to mobile phones. Drunken tweeting from Jim Morrison. Nude selfies from Yoko Ono. Angry Tumblr posts from Axl Rose.

Jaden Smith Hair

This is why I am inclined to give Jaden a slightly lifted eyebrow for this semi-articulate series of tweets. According to his Twitter, the Four Seasons Hotel in Toronto put cheese in his pancakes (let’s assume he has some deathly lactose allergy, also cheese in pancakes sounds delicious so if he’s not, I don’t know what the complaint is) and then subsequently kicked him out…?

Jaden Smith Cheese Tweet

Jaden Smith Cheese Tweet Four Seasons

Who knows if they actually kicked him out. I doubt it, money talks in hotels.

For the all flak he’s getting online for this, the kid is 18. Everything seems much bigger when you’re 18, if he’s still complaining about dairy in his food at 43, you have my permission to give him horrendous side-eye. On the bright side, at least he didn’t lob a television out the window when it happened.


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